Israel Museum Amulets

Israel Museum Amulets
For hundreds of years, Jews have used amulets for luck and protection from all kinds of ills. Here we have a number of designs based on ancient Jewish amulets, many found in archaeological digs throughout Israel. Whether you're looking for love, wealth, health, or protection form the evil eye, you will find a gorgeous piece of jewelry here!

Replica Jewish Amulets Endorsed by the Israel Museum

Jews have designed and worn amulets for centuries to either ward off danger or bring about blessings. The Israel Museum in Jerusalem has sponsored a series of amulets that replicated designs from all over the Diasporic world, as well as new designs that are adaptations of ancient scrolls that have been excavated around Israel. Each amulet comes with a certificate of authenticity as well explanatory text, detailing its place in Jewish design history.

Replicas of Ancient Artifacts from Ketef Hinnom and Qumran

Some of our amulets replicate artifacts from as early as the 7th century B.C.E. The Priestly Benediction Sterling Silver amulet reproduces one of the scrolls discovered during the excavation of Ketef Hinnom, a cemetery from the time of the First Temple. Another beautiful sterling silver pendant is an adaptation of the Psalms scroll discovered in the Qumran caves on the Dead Sea. The Shema Israel Silver Amulet replicates an amulet from the 6th century C.E. that was designed to be worn outside the clothes rather than concealed. It bears the text from Deuteronomy 6:4-7.

Amulets from Persian and Afghanistan

Some of our amulets come from as far east as Afghanistan, like the Magic Square Silver Amulet that replicates a piece from the 17th century. It is a mystical emblem bearing nine letters, and the numerical equivalent of all the letters in any given direction adds up to 15, symbolizing the Divine Name. Another treasure from the East is the Curative Amulet Sterling Silver Replica which is based on a Persian art object from the 18th–19th centuries. This one is worn as a ring and it bears the 22-letter name. Another stunning Persian piece is the Silver Turquoise Pendant, based on an 18th century piece. It is inscribed with the Ana Bekoach, and an oval turquoise is set in the middle.

Amulets from Diasporic Europe

Several pieces tell of the European Diaspora, including an adaptation of a 16th century amulet that bears the names of angels, different Kabbalistic names of G-d, and text from the Kabbalah about the Tree of Spheres. A replica of a 19th century piece from Holland is sober and simple in size and style. It bears a Heh and the Hebrew word ‘Shaddai'. Another popular piece is the rather grand Tablets of the Law Silver Pendant. It is based on a French 19th century pendant and it is decorated with regal lions and an imperial crown.