One of the oldest - and most delicious - Jewish traditions is challah (plural: challot). After our ancestors left Egypt, they traipsed the desert for 40 years on their journey to Israel, and God provided them with a mystical food source called 'mannah'. Every morning when the Jews awoke, mannah had descended and they could collect their daily allowance of food - except on Fridays, when they gathered enough for Saturday as well. This 'double portion' gave rise to the custom to use two loaves of bread at both of our Shabbat meals.

Challah is plaited loaves of enriched bread dough, which often includes honey or sugar for added sweetness. Light, golden and fluffy, challot are one of the best parts of Jewish cuisine, and make a fragrant centerpiece to every shabbat and holiday meal. While every family has their own secret recipe which they swear is better than any other, almost all Jewish homes have one thing in common - the beautiful Judaica items that accompany this special bread to the table! The challah loaves are traditionally placed on a special board, which often comes with a special matching knife, and covered with an ornate cloth until Kiddush has been made. The blessing over the bread is then recited, and the bread is cut and dipped into salt for each person at the meal. Judaica WebStore has an amazing array of challah products for you to choose from, from Israel's most talented Judaica designers!

Challah Boards

Traditionally, the challah board represents the layer of dew that fell onto the desert sand to protect the mannah; today, it is often the focal point of a beautifully-set Shabbat or holiday table! All boards will bring a little touch of Israel into your home from beautiful glass designs to sophisticated clay and porcelain boards which will catch your guests' attention! We also offer a small range of challah trays, perfect for passing your fragrant loaves around a crowded shabbat table!

A colorfully complete Challah set with rainbow knife and salt dish

Challah Knives

A beautiful loaf of bread on a beautiful board has to be cut with a beautiful knife, and we have a great range of decorative challah knives which are sure to enhance your shabbat table! This range includes traditional, embellished designs made from enamel and set with sparkling stones, and a selection of ultramodern and vividly colored anodized aluminium knives from cutting edge Israeli designers. Whatever board you have, you'll be sure to find an equally stunning knife.

Clean lines make this simple knife, elegant

Challah Covers

If the challah board represents the dew protecting the mannah from sand, the cover represents the dew that kept it from drying in the sun and from being eaten by wild desert animals! We offer a fantastic array of challah covers, many of which have been created by Israel's favorite artist, Yair Emanuel. His beautiful covers feature a diverse range of techniques, including silk painting, applique, embroidery and hand-stitched embroidery and are available in an array of stunning designs and brilliant colors.

This silk mandala print will bring all eyes to the table

Salt Dishes

It is traditional to dip pieces of challah into salt, to symbolically recall the salty tears our ancestors cried in Egypt. We carry a range of beautifully crafted salt holders from Israel's finest designers, which feature hand-painted designs in vibrant colors to match their challah board designs. We also have a stunning collection of salt-and-pepper sets that will stand out!

A fun salt shaker with the blessing for bread on it

Honey Dishes

It's customary on Rosh Hashanah to dip challah into honey, to represent the sweet new year we're hoping for! Some people even use honey right up until Shabbat B'reshit (the shabbat after Simchat Torah, when we recommence the cycle of Torah portions read on shabbat mornings), and there's a little-known but very beautiful tradition for newlywed couples to use honey instead of salt during their first year of marriage. Our collection of honey dishes includes everything from fragile, delicate metalwork to contemporary and striking designs, and plenty of unique creations.

This honey dish is perfect for your Rosh Hashanah Table

Choosing your challah products carefully is essential to setting the tone for your shabbat meal, as they truly are the focus of the festive table. Any of these wonderful items could make a fantastic wedding or new home gift for people you really love, or a great way to refresh your own table!