While Father's Day 2021 isn't until Sunday, June 20, it's never too early to start planning how to show your dad your love and appreciation, especially if you want to make his big day special with a gift from Israel. We have dozens of gifts that are perfect for Father's Day, ranging from men's jewelry to home and office décor.

To help narrow down your search, our staff has compiled this guide with our top 20 picks for Father's Day gifts. Like everything on our site, each of these gifts are designed and crafted in the Land of Israel by local artisans who draw their inspiration from Israel's ancient history, robust culture, and beautiful scenery. If you want a Father's Day gift that is truly thoughtful and unique, look no further.


1. Lion of Judah Necklace

In Biblical texts, the lion symbolizes strength and courage, and the Lion of Judah is a major symbol of the State of Israel and Jerusalem. Crafted from 9K gold, this Lion of Judah necklace, set on a sterling silver Star of David, is a dignified accessory suitable for strong and courageous dads everywhere. While the Lion of Judah is a significant symbol by itself, your dad will find this necklace all the more meaningful since it's from you.




2. Black Mossad T-Shirt

If your dad is a proud Israel supporter and loves spies and history, this cotton black Mossad t-shirt is the perfect Father's Day gift! World-renowned for their incredible missions and stealth, the Mossad (Israel's international intelligence agency) is a crucial part of a secure and safe Jewish state. Available in sizes S-XXL, this t-shirt is sure to be a hit.





3. Gold-Plated Hebrew Letter Watch

Designed and manufactured on Kibbutz Yavne in Israel, Adi Watches are so famous for their durability and craftsmanship that several Israeli Army and Navy units use their products. Featuring a stainless steel back, a textured brown leather band, and gold-plated details, this Hebrew letter wrist watch has the aleph-bet instead of the numbers 1-12. This watch also boasts a timeless versatility, as it can be worn with casual or formal wear for any occasion.





4. The Hebrew/English Koren Tanakh 

Your papa's personal library is not complete until he has this special hardcover Tanakh from Koren Publishers. One of the most highly acclaimed Hebrew-English translations of the Tanakh ever published, this user-friendly book features easy-to-follow annotations, maps and transliterations, as well as a thumb index for easier access to each any Biblical book.





5. Laser-Cut Paper Tree of Life Wall Hanging

Jerusalem native David Fisher is known in Israel for reviving laser-cut paper art in the Holy Land. He often draws inspiration from Biblical motifs, as he did with this Tree of Life laser-cut wall hangingBelow the Tree of Life is an excerpt from Proverbs in Hebrew, which reads "It is a tree of life for those who hold it, and all who support it are happy. Its ways are ways of pleasantness, and all its paths are peace." Suitable for the office or home, this wall hanging will be treasured for years to come.





6. Spinning Shema Yisrael Ring 

Crafted from 9K gold and sterling silver, this unisex spinning ring has the Shema Yisrael prayer engraved in Hebrew. The script reads, "Hear, O' Israel, God is our God, God is one." Any father would adore this one-of-a-kind gift, so he can carry a piece of Jewish faith and a reminder of you everywhere.






7. Abba Sababa (Cool Dad) Hebrew Mug

At this point, those "World's Best Dad" mugs are a cliché. Show your dad you really care and appreciate him with this ceramic and sturdy Abba Sababa mug from Barbara Shaw Gifts. In addition to rhyming, abba sababa literally translates to "cool dad" in English. Yalla, what are you waiting for?!






8. Psalms 91:11 Pendant Necklace

If your dad has always been the protective type, remind him that someone is looking out for him, too, with this modern sterling silver pendant necklace that is shaped like a Mobius strip. On the pendant, a Hebrew line from Psalms 91 is engraved: Ki Melachav Yetzave Lach, Leshomrecha Bechol Drachecha, "For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways."





9. Humorous Moses Wall Clock 

If your father is known for his "dad jokes," he will definitely appreciate this work of art. Featuring Moses splitting the sea in a swimming contest, this designer wooden wall clock is a colorful, vibrant, and humorous gift for any funny dad. Designed by Israeli artist Martin Holt in Tel Aviv, this clock will liven any office, bedroom, living room, or kitchen.





10. Blue and White Wool Tallit

If your dad is more into spirituality than sarcasm, this authentic blue and white wool tallit is the way to go. Decorated with blue strips, this prayer shawl is certified Kosher Mehadrin Min Hamehadrin and available in a variety of sizes. Unsure what size tallit would fit your father? No worries - just consult our tallit sizing guide before buying.





11. Olive Wood Game Set including Chess, Checkers and Backgammon

Perfect for Shabbat afternoon or family game night, any dad would be lucky to be gifted this authentic olive wood game set. This 3-in-1 set can be opened up to become a chess/checkers board or for backgammon. Featuring exquisite ornate designs around the edges, this game set was not only created by Israeli artisans, but is made from the olive wood that Israel is so famous for.





12. "Champion" Sculpture Signed By Artist David Gerstein

Brighten up your father's bookshelves or desk with this modern sculpture by Israeli artist David Gerstein. Titled "Champion," both sides of this cut-out steel portrays bicyclists as they race through the streets. Each side is colored differently, so this piece of art is sure to fit into any home's design scheme. The sculpture also features the signature of its artist.





13. Customizable Football Hebrew Name Necklace

Your father is one-of-a-kind, so he definitely deserves a one-of-a-kind gift this Father's Day. This customizable football necklace, plated with 24K gold, is custom-made and can be laser-cut to feature any English or Hebrew name in a traditional script. If you don't know how to spell your dad's name in Hebrew, don't fret: just write the name in English and select Hebrew from the drop-down menu when ordering. We will translate it for you.




14. Ram's Horn Shofar

While you might associate shofars with Rosh Hashanah rather than Father's Day, it's never too early to get your dad a classic large polished ram's horn shofar so he can practice and get ready for the High Holidays! Like all of our shofars, this horn is crafted according to ancient tradition while utilizing modern methods to produce some of the the highest quality shofars in Israel. It is also certified kosher.





15. Jerusalem: United We Stand T-Shirt

The U.S. and Israel have a special relationship - just like you and your dad! Give your father the gift of being able to wear his pride in the Jewish state with this t-shirt that reads "Jerusalem: United We Stand" with pictures of the Israeli and U.S. flags. Made from 100% cotton, this shirt is available in five sizes, meaning you can get yourself one to match dad, too!





16. Seven-Branched Menorah with Hoshen Design

Looking for a piece of meaningful Judaica that will double as décor for your dad's office or bookshelves year-round? Look no further! This seven-branched menorah is  decorated with a motif that resembles a powerful tree with tiered branches extending from the central stem. Each of the Menorah's branches are accented with gold and the central stem features a design resembling the Hoshen, the multicolored breastplate worn by the High Priest in the Holy Temple.





17. Wide Customizable Sterling Silver Ring

This wide sterling silver ring, lined with 14K gold, is available in a variety of sizes and can be engraved with one of our 13 suggested Biblically-inspired messages. It's also possible to customize the ring with your own message to your dad on it (up to 28 characters), in Hebrew or English! Exquisite and personal, this ring is a gift your father will surely treasure for years to come.





18. Talitnia Tallit - Jerusalem Motif

Designed by Talitnia, Israel's most renowed tallit company (and the IDF's prayer shawl supplier), this gorgeous tallit features a vibrant rendition of Jerusalem's iconic buildings. The Hebrew words yerushalayim and ir shalom - Jerusalem and City of Peace - appear in gleaming gold on the tallit and the atarah. This tallit is also certified kosher Mehadrin min Hamehadrin.





19. Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup With Refined Filigree Design

If your dad loves Judaica with a story, he will adore this sterling silver Kiddush cup designed by Shoham Yemenite Art. A second-generation Israeli based in Jerusalem, Shoham Simchi began to train as a silversmith in his teen years, following in the footsteps of his family members before him who had been artisans for royalty in Yemen.





20. The Flavor of Jerusalem Gift Box

Looking for a truly unique Father's Day gift? Want to support Israeli-owned small businesses in Jerusalem? This premium gift box features locally made Israeli wine, honey, date spread, spices, and chocolate, as well as a handmade ceramic pomegranate as a keepsake, so you can send your dad a taste of Jerusalem, no matter where in the world he is!





Still haven't found what you're looking for? Make sure to check out our full selection of Father's Day gifts. Since everything is shipped straight from Jerusalem to you, don't forget to order in advance so you will receive your order in time for Father's Day. Happy shopping!