In 1952, three immigrants who moved to Israel seeking a new life after fleeing from their original countries. All three men were skilled and talented silversmiths who studied together in Romania and decided to create Hazorfim, a silversmith company with luxurious handmade Judaica and tableware reminiscent of classic styles from Europe. The company began to grow and today Hazorfim is one of the largest silver manufacturing companies in Israel who have incorporated modern styles into their collection of beautiful pieces. Judaica, tableware, home decor and more, Hazorfim pieces are loved for the life time they last.


Candlesticks are used not only every Friday night but also on the eve of most Jewish holidays, making them one of the most important pieces of Judaica in a Jewish home. A married woman lights candles from the time she gets married.  Many hold the custom that the future mother-in-law gives a pair of candlesticks to the bride and these gorgeous candlesticks will last a lifetime.  Original designs inspired from the generations before in Europe, one can never go wrong with a pair of Hazorfim silver candlesticks.

These candlesticks were inspired by a fireplace, meant to reflect light and spread warmth  

Kiddush Cups

Kiddush Cups are essentially the men's equivalent to candlesticks. Every Shabbat and holiday, Kiddush is said before dinner and lunch, making it equally important. The different styles include those with stems for a more traditional look or without for a modern style. With Hazorfim, nothing is considered plain. If the cup doesn't have any pattern on it, it means that the shape is unique or that the metal is hammered created a textured look. The gold lining inside the cup prevents oxidation and keeps the wine or grape juice tasting fresh.

Each magnificent piece from Hazorfim has a mirror finish that shines 

Holiday Judaica

Menorahs, Seder Plates and Etrog Boxes are needed for Judaim's three longest holidays of Hanukkah, Pessach (Passover) and Sukkot. Each piece is handmade to perfect to last you and your family a lifetime of happiness during each holiday season. These timeless pieces start with more simple looks to extravagant and decorated pieces of Judaica. Elegance is key at Hazorfim and all of the Jewish holidays can be celebrated in style with any of their Judaica.

Nothing is more perfect for Sukkot than a Sukkah etrog box 


Tableware is one of the many items that Hazorfim takes great pride in. Honey and sugar dishes, carafes and trays are all a delight to have on your Shabbat and holiday table. Crystal and silver pieces will decorate your table and bring out the beauty of the food. The trays are great as a challah tray, making it easier to pass around the delicious bread during meals. Stunning challah knives are also available. Any tableware from Hazorfim is a beloved gift for newlyweds or as an anniversary.

A crystal honey dish for Rosh Hashana will have a golden glow