Charm bracelets are something that never go out of style, and in Israel are particularly popular among all ages. A great way to show your personality and the things you find important, charm bracelets are a constantly customizable piece of jewelry. Jewish charms are a great way to show the religion and culture that runs deep in your veins, and has for generations. Whether you're looking for something with a biblical theme, something to show your support of Israel or just because, you're bound to find the perfect beads and charms with us at the Judaica WebStore. If you don't already have a charm bracelet but want to start one, the very first step is having a charm bracelet! Choose from a classic sterling silver snake-chain or an exotic leather option and enjoy decorating!

Personalized Charms

Personalized Charms are always fun to have. Choose having your name or initials on one of our incredible charms, which include the infinity symbol, hearts, stars or just simply leave it at the letter. As for initials, majority of these charms are just for one letter, but there is an incredible selection to choose from- including a Hebrew option! Engraved, laser cut or having the letter on its own is a lovely addition to your bracelet and is something that is most personal to you.

Hebrew personalized jewelry is a meaningful combination of today's fashion trends and an ancient language

Beads and Stoppers

Beads and stoppers are a vital part of any charm bracelet. The beads add color to small areas of the bracelet and separate the charms while stoppers are evenly placed around the bracelet to prevent all the charms from falling to one side, possibly stretching the bracelet out. All options are absolutely beautiful, whether it's a pieces of sterling silver, a semi-precious stone like opal or Eilat Stone, or even an incredibly decorated bead, beads are just as good as the charms themselves.

The seeds of this pomegranate are made of the semiprecious stone, garnet

Israel & Jerusalem Charms

Israel and Jerusalem charms show your support for the Jewish homeland! Israeli flags, ancient coins, the verse of Im Eshkachech Yerushalayim- if I forget thee, Jerusalem- and even a mini silver Masada can be placed on your bracelet! Available in both beads and charms, no Jewish charm bracelet is complete without an Israel or Jerusalem charm. If you live in the US and want to show your love for the relationship between Israel and the US, you can even get a pair of Israel and US flags to have on your bracelet!

The Masada charm includes all the small details of this important historical site

Judaica Charms

Judaica Charms are the cute and miniature version of some of the most common Judaica pieces, like Torahs, mezuzahs, menorahs and a kiddush cup! If you feel a deep connection to the religious aspect of Judaism, one of these charms might be what you need on your charm bracelet. These charms can be kept for special occasions, like saving the Torah for Simchat Torah for Shabbat for keeping the menorah exclusively for Hanukkah. No matter if you keep it on all year round or for specific holidays, these adorable charms are truely unique.

Engraved on this tiny Kiddush cup is the prayer for wine, which is also said every Shabbat

Love Charms

Not all charms need to have Jewish roots. Love Charms include hearts and the words of "I love you" in multiple languages, as well as the classic Hebrew versus of Ani Ledodi Ledodi Li- I am to my beloved as my beloved is to me. There are even charms connected to your love for Israel such as an Israeli flag shaped heart and charms featuring the word Ahava- love, resembling the iconic statue at the Israel Museum. One of the best ways to show your love for someone else is by giving them a heart from you that they can carry with them wherever they might go.

Blue Opal is incredibly popular in Israel

Star of David Charms

Of course, the most popular symbol of the Jewish people is on a charm! Star of David Charms are some of the most beautiful charms the Judaica WebStore has to offer, in classic and unique designs. From simple sterling silver to embellished with colorful enamel and stones, a Jewish charm bracelet is incomplete without one. Show your pride for Judaism and your heritage through one of the many Star of David charms that fit your style and personality.

The purple enamel adds a burst of color in this Jewish symbol

Hamsa Charms

Hamsa Charms feature one of Judaism's most powerful and ancient symbols. The Hamsa is said to be an amulet of protection against the Evil Eye, keeping the wearer in good tidings and good luck. There is a nice selection of charms and beads to choose from featuring the hand facing up or down, and with different stones and gemstones. Hamsas have also been making an appearance in the fashion world, making it a stylish charm to include on your bracelet.

Eilat Stone, is Israel's national stone, discovered in the copper mines of King Solomon

Biblical Charms

Biblical Charms tell stories from the Torah and looks great on a charm bracelet. The Tree of Life from the Garden of Eden can be found in multiple styles with gemstones, Noah's Ark looks like its packed and ready to go conquer the flood, and the Hoshen glitters and glistens on any bead or charm. Some of these beads and charms also include different Jewish prayers and versus along the side, but are also just beautiful pieces of Jewish jewelry. These charms are also a meaningful connection to Judaism, perfect for a Bat Mitzvah gift.

The Tree of Life is a symbol of the continuation of the Jewish people