Wall HangingsWhen it comes to home decor, many Jewish people feel the need to add a little Jewish wall art as a show of how much they value their heritage. This doesn't always mean a picture of the Western Wall or of a biblical story, but those are just two options of Jewish wall art. Blessings, versus, paintings and even amulets like the Hamsa can be put on the wall and become a beautiful part of your living room, dining room, or whichever room you choose to hang it in. Jewish wall art can be a meaningful piece that lies deep in your heart or just something that makes you feel more connected to Judaism. Either way, there are hundreds of wall art to choose from in a variety of themes.

Biblical Wall Art

Biblical Wall Art

Biblical wall art features some of the most iconic parts of Biblical Judaism, whether it be blessings, prayers, or stories. Shema Yisrael and the Priestly Blessing are two of the most popular themes, but there are treasures to be found. There are serigraphs of Marc Chagall's famous stain-glass windows in Hadassah Hospital, a pop-art rendition of Moses and the two tablets, pressed flower Psalm hangings, and more. Here you will find some of the most colorful artwork that tells a story and is a classic piece of Jewish artwork.

❤︎ We love this Tree of Life paper-cuts and this silver Shema Yisrael.

Hamsa Wall Art

HamsaHamsas are a big part of Jewish mysticism as they are said to be a protection amulet. Each Hamsa has a different story, depending on whether they are facing up or down, fingers together or spread apart, but each one is beautiful. Some work as a functioning clock, making it incredibly useful but most art a piece of art. Choose from Armenian Ceramics incredible hand-painted design with this eye Hamsa, replicas of those from around the world, like this Moroccan lamp decoration from the Israel Museum and beautiful cut-outs made of metal or paper like with this Jerusalem Hamsa. There are plenty of Hamsas to choose from!

❤︎ We love this concrete Hamsa and this Orit Grader hanging Hamsa.

Home Blessings

Home Blessings Home blessings are a common finding in Jewish homes, blessing the place and the people inside with so many positive attributes like; happiness, success, fortune, and peace. Some are from home and guest, some are in English like this Armenian Ceramic plate, and some include a quote from Israeli singer and songwriter, Naomi Shemer! Home blessings come as simple as a plaque saying "God bless our home" to those that say everything the home should be blessed with like this painted glass hanging. A home blessing is a precious gift to give to someone as a housewarming present or wedding gift.

❤︎ We love this English home blessing and this floral home blessing.

Shalom Wall Art

Shalom Wall ArtThe word Shalom means, "hello", "goodbye", and "peace", making it an incredibly versatile word but will always look perfect at the entrance of your door. Shalom can come as part of a blessing or just on its own as a lovely welcome sign, in Hebrew and in English. The word Shalom looks great in all art forms, like colorful hand-painted signs, ornate metal cutouts, paired up with doves, which are the symbol of peace, and more. There are so many Shalom signs that will always make you feel at peace at home.

❤︎ We love this Shalom Y'all tile and this doves Shalom.

Woman of Valor

Woman of Valor "Eishet Chayal Mi Imtza" - "A Woman of Valor, who can find?" This is the beginning of a poem written by King Solomon, dedicated to all Jewish women throughout time. These special pieces can be hung up by where the Shabbat candles are lit, and are all elegant. Many of these present the whole poem like this floral one and this embroidered wall hanging, and some include just a phrase like this metal-cut out and this pomegranate which say "many women have been heroic, but you have risen above them all" in Hebrew. There is also an Eishet Chayal ceramic seal that the woman of the house can stick on her desk to remind her that she is always number one in your hearts.

❤︎ We love this David Fisher Woman of Valor and this pomegranate hanging.