Using a special kiddush cup is one of the many ways we distinguish Shabbat, holiday, and celebratory meals from ordinary everyday life. Often elegant and intricate, kiddush cups symbolize how special and festive Jewish celebrations are, as well as the distinction between the holy and the mundane. 

A kiddush cup’s function may seem simple: a vessel that holds the wine that is blessed when someone recites kiddush. In reality, kiddush cups are so much more than that. Kiddush cups are a timeless and thoughtful gift for a bris, a baby naming ceremony, a bar or bat mitzvah, an engagement, or a wedding.

Due to their sheer beauty, kiddush cups often become treasured family heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation! A gifted kiddush cup can also serve to remind your children and grandchildren of their place in the unbreakable chain of Jewish tradition. 

We offer over 200 kiddush cups by Israeli artists, spanning every style and budget. Below are our 10 favorites to get your shopping started - whether you're shopping for yourself or you're searching for the perfect gift, these kiddush cups are sure to become a treasured part of any Judaica collection!

1. Yair Emanuel Hammered Kiddush Cup

Jerusalem-based Yair Emanuel is one of Israel's most popular Judaica artists, and for good reason. Adorned with a chic hammered finish and eye-catching rings in your choice of color, this nickel kiddush cup comes with a matching saucer and is both beautiful and affordable. Perfect for lovers of traditional and contemporary Judaica alike, this kiddush cup set is a timeless addition to any collection!

2. Silver-Plated Jerusalem Kiddush Cup Set With Gold Accents

If Jerusalem is near and dear to your heart but you find yourself longing from a distance, this kiddush cup set is for you. Silver-plated, both the cup and saucer are adorned with an intricate gold-accented depiction of Jerusalem's Old City, including its iconic domed roofs, stone walls, and the nearby Montefiore Windmill. This special set is also a popular bat and bar mitzvah gift, demonstrating the unbroken chain of tradition between the Jewish people, our rituals, and our ancestral homeland.

3. Bier Judaica Handcrafted Sterling Silver Personalized Kiddush Cup

Whether a relative is coming of age at their bat or bar mitzvah, a friend is completing the conversion process, or a loved one is getting married to their bashert, this sterling silver traditional kiddush cup is a gift that will stay with the lucky recipient throughout their Jewish journey. This cup can be personalized with a name or short message in either Hebrew or English. Don't fret if you don't know Hebrew: the ordering form gives you the option to write your desired personalization in English and have it translated and engraved in Hebrew.

4. Handmade White Glass and Sterling Silver-Plated Kiddush Cup

This kiddush cup is quite literally one-of-a-kind, as each is hand-made in Israel according to traditional glassblowing techniques. Featuring a delicate white glass design on the top and a sterling silver-plated base, this cup doubles as a work of art that can be displayed in your home like any other piece of fine décor and is perfect to send to friends and family as an engagement or wedding gift.

5. Yair Emanuel 8-Piece Textured Fountain Kiddush Set

The phrase "sharing is caring" might not be found directly in the Torah, but it is certainly within the spirit of Shabbat and Jewish tradition. This anodized aluminum kiddush fountain, designed in Jerusalem by Yair Emanuel, disperses the kiddush wine into eight individual cups with a matching overal finish adorned with differently-colored rings. Classy yet festive, this special fountain allows everyone to take part in kiddush and is sure to captivate the kids during holiday gatherings and Shabbat meals.

6. Traditional Yemenite Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup With Filigree Design

A second-generation Israeli from a Yemenite family, Shoham Simchi followed in the footsteps of his ancestors and began to train as a silversmith as a teen. Now a master of the craft, Simchi's unique craftsmanship is reflected in this exquisite kiddush cup, which features an ornamental design along the rim, cup base, and saucer. The filigree-adorned design is a stunning piece of Judaica that will add richness and depth to your Shabbat kiddush.

7. Stunning Grape Motif Kiddush Cup Set

Dazzle your guests on Shabbat and holidays with this kiddush cup with a grape motif. Made from nickel and featuring a removable insert to preserve the finish, the cup and its matching saucer has been hammered to give it a unique texture imaged like a grape bunch on the vine. Simple yet beautiful, the cup also features this leafy design on the base and saucer. As one of the more affordable pieces by the Jerusalem-based Lion of Judah Studio, this kiddush cup featuring one of the Seven Species is a great way to start to expand one's Judaica collection.

8. Ceramic and Silver Kiddush Cup With Ancient Hebrew "Jerusalem"

Much like Israel itself, this beautiful kiddush cup is where the ancient meets the modern. Handcrafted from ceramic in a chic silhouette, decorated with a captivating swirl of colors, and plated with elegant sterling silver, this unique cup features the word "Jerusalem" in an ancient Hebrew script. This mesmerizing kiddush cup makes for a special gift for any lover of Israel, and you'll likely find yourself wanting one for your own home, too!

9. Yair Emanuel Stainless Steel Kiddush Cup With Pomegranates

Designed by famous Jerusalem-based artist Yair Emanuel, this stainless steel kiddush cup is one of our most popular, with a uniquely Israeli theme. It boasts a chic hammered finish and a pomegranate design along the stem and on the matching saucer. With its blend of traditional and contemporary, this kiddush cup will be an unforgettable gift for a loved one or a special addition to your own Judaica collection!

10. Traditional Yemenite Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup With Refined Ornamental Design

If your aesthetic is the intersection of luxury and modernity, take a look at this magnificent designer kiddush cup from Israel! Created by prominent Israeli artist Shoham Simchi, this sterling silver cup is plated with gold on the inside, while the outside is decorated with delicate, hand-crafted ornamental designs. This majestic cup will elevate your Shabbat kiddush ritual and become a treasured family keepsake for many years to come.

To see the rest of the kiddush cups on offer to elevate the Shabbat experience, check out the full kiddush cup catalogue!