Tzedakah (charity) is an integral part of Judaism. Not only is it a mitzvah (commandment) that helps one connect to G-d, but it is also a way to connect to the people in your community and elsewhere in need of support. Keeping these tzedakah boxes at home or in a synagogue is also a great visualization to remind children of this important value.  Many families have special boxes, like the grown-up version of a piggybank, to set aside this tzedakah and send it off once it's full.

Here are 10 top picks for amazing Israeli-designed tzedakah boxes.

1. Traditional Yemenite Handcrafted Sterling Silver Tzedakah Chest

This striking piece of Judaica will make an impression on the entire household as they fill it with money set aside for good causes. If you're looking for a gift to give someone for his many years of devoted service to your institution, or as a beautiful item for your wife to keep next to her Shabbat candles that she lights every week, this finely crafted sterling silver tzedakah box will certainly become a cherished heirloom.

Handmade in the Jerusalem area, this would made for a one-of-a-kind memento from the Land of Israel.






2. Tree of Life Tzedakah Box

The combination of the Tree of Life silhouette on the front and 'tzedakah' spelled out in Hebrew down the side of this colorful metal box are the perfect blend of tradition and modernism. In a wide range of nine colors, these tzedakah boxes are extremely customizable, so you can fit them into any style at home or to give as a highly personalized gift. The velvet lining prevents any coins you put in from clanging around as well, which might be a relief if gifted to an energetic child, to instill good Jewish values early.






3. Yair Emanuel Textured Nickel Tzedakah Box

This simple, elegant tzedakah box features differently colored rings, available in blues, rainbow, silvers, and black, beneath the word "tzedakah" in Hebrew letters. With a hammered finish to this stainless steel case, the tzedakah box will be fitting to decorate any place you put it at home, with a great message to boot. This will go great next you your set of candlesticks, to put in some charity money before Shabbat.






4. Yair Emanuel Tzedakah Box - Pomegranates

This tzedakah box, made by esteemed Israeli designer Yair Emanuel, has a simple, elegant composition that will look great along with the rest of your Shabbat set. Featuring a copper pomegranate-on-the-branch motif transposed onto the stainless steel body, you'll have a beautiful reminder of setting aside for charity on the table or mantle.






5. Blue Anodized Aluminum Rectangle Tzedakah Box

The message printed on the front "radef tzedakah v'chesed yimtzah chayim tzedakah v'chavod" (one who chases after charity and kindness will find life, righteousness, and honor) is taken from Proverbs as a timeless reminder that giving charity in truth helps the giver, not just the recipient. The reverse side is an image of birds and pomegranates, pretty and traditional symbols in Judaism.






6.Yair Emanuel Anodized Aluminum Tzedakah (Charity) Box

This aluminum tzedakah box is not only multi-colored, but comes in multiple color options, so there is something for everyone's style in this modern design from Yair Emanuel. It has the word 'tzedakah' with Hebrew letters on the front of this vibrant piece.






7.Tzedakah Box with Metal Plating Jerusalem Motif

This tzedakah box allows you to see how much money you've put in, while still having and elegant and traditional metalwork design. The metal-plated front has the word 'tzedakah', with imagery of the Old City of Jerusalem. The other sides are made of Perspex, made to last to make...transparent donations.






8. Yair Emanuel Tzedakah (Charity) Box - Jerusalem

This tzedakah box will be a great gift for little kids to put coins in before Shabbat, and get an early sense of the duty of giving to charity. It has a stylized Jerusalem motif that's bright and colorful. This design painted onto wood has the word 'tzedakah' written in Hebrew at the base, with flowers growing out.






9.Lubavitcher Rebbe Tzedakah Box

Whether you are a follower of Chabad, or just are personally inspired by the life and teachings of the last Lubavitcher Rebbe, this tzedakah box will be a great Judaica item to have on hand. With an iconic image of the rebbe on the front and the Hebrew word 'tzedakah' below, this will be a great reminder of the tremendous giving spirit he had in his lifetime.






10. Jerusalem Tzedakah Box

This tzedakah box will add a splash of color to any room they're placed in, great for catching people's attention with a good message. The letters of 'tzedakah' are printed bold in Hebrew, with a motif of Jerusalem's Old City in bridge colors around it. This box has a deal where the more of them you buy, the more you save on each, so they would make a great gift to hand out as well.






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