A graduate of the Bezalel Institute of Art and Design, Yair Emanuel is a pioneer of contemporary Jewish art, and is among the most recognized and popular artists in Israel. He uses a wide range of media and techniques to create a diverse array of Judaica, linked by his core principle: combining traditional Jewish ideas and motifs with cutting-edge techniques and innovative design. Working from his Jerusalem studio, Emanuel creates stunning Judaica, tableware, wall art and home decor from raw silk, lacquered wood and metals, employing techniques such as embroidery, applique, laser cutting and hand-painting. The contrast in style between fairly "primitive" hand-painted wood and hypermodern anodized aluminium may seem extreme but perfectly demonstrates his diversity and creative talent! His work is some of the most exploratory and exciting in the Jewish world, and its affordability makes it incredibly popular. Check out our huge range of different Emanuel products here!

  • Judaica: Emanuel is probably best known for his Judaica: in fact, his pieces comprise many of our best sellers! We have a huge range of Emanuel Judaica, including Shabbat candlesticks, kiddush cups, challah covers, havdalah sets, mezuzah cases and washing cups, so you can choose the perfect way to accessorize your home.
  • Holidays: Lend your holiday celebrations a distinctive Israeli flavor with one of Emanuel's stunning holiday pieces! He has created an exceptional range of Hanukkah menorahs and dreidels to bring vivid, warm colors to warm your winter, and a range of matzah trays and covers and Seder plates to enhance your Passover celebrations! He also has a collection of beautiful honey dishes to make your Rosh Hashanah table really shine!
  • Religious Clothing: There are several items of religious clothing that Jews wear, such as prayer shawls and head coverings. Emanuel has a range of exquisitely decorated tallitot and vibrant kippot in both the traditional and Mizrahi styles, so you're sure to find the perfect piece of clothing for you! If you already have everything you need, consider one of Emanuel's tallit bags to keep everything safe!
  • Tableware: Sometimes you need more than just plates and glasses to set the table ready for that special dinner. Emanuel's line of tableware includes serving bowls and salad servers, salt-and-pepper sets, napkin holders, trivets and even the tablecloth itself! Ant of these items would make a great gift to your hosts, or make your own table stand out!
  • Home Decor: Emanuel has created an extensive range of wall hangings, including everything from Blessings for the Home to pomegranate and Hamsa insignia! His laser-cut metal pieces are vivid and vibrant additions to any room. He has a range of brilliantly colored tzedakah boxes, making this charitable act even more enjoyable to perform, and a stationary range which brings a little sparkle to everyday chores like writing grocery lists! His jewelry boxes would make a perfect space to store your most precious belongings. Our miscellaneous category features some of the most innovative in home decoration anywhere on our site, such as Emanuel's adorable hand-painted aluminium animal sculptures and exquisitely decorated tambourines!

Emanuel has something for every taste and every occasion, and his creative designs make great gifts for almost every occasion! His bright palette and exciting techniques mean that every Emanuel piece is sure to be treasured for years to come.