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People love seeing their names on things. customized gifts are more popular than ever before, and jewelry is no exception! We offer a wide range of stunning Hebrew name necklaces, so you can pay tribute to your heritage and create a gift that’s as special and unusual as the person you’re buying it for. Choose from gold, gold plated and silver styles and design the personalized piece of jewelry that’s perfect for you.

What can you give to someone who has just celebrated their bar or bar mitzvah? What can you give to a birthday boy or girl of any age? What about someone who has just graduated? While these questions describe a lot of different people, there is one very good answer to all of them. This is because they are all individuals who would appreciate Hebrew name necklaces from the Judaica Webstore.

Hebrew is a very ancient language and yet it has also been modernized in order to serve as the official language of the State Israel. Thus, everyone who practices Judaism and anyone who speaks Modern Hebrew will really appreciate getting any sort of jewelry with their Hebrew name.

You can find Hebrew name necklaces in a wide variety of designs and materials. For instance, you can find styles that are identical to the English name necklaces so frequently worn by modern men and women alike. They are made from gold or silver and can are double thickness to make them very bold and sturdy.

There is also the option for the mezuzah style of Hebrew name necklace. This would read differently than the standard designs. For instance, a name necklace in Hebrew would read from right to left but one that is designed like a mezuzah would read from top to bottom. This means you can find a necklace that will suit almost any preference or personal style.

Whether you are seeking a gift for your new bride or groom, a very cool birthday present, or the ideal reward for the b'nai mitzvah student who has done a lot of hard work, a Hebrew name necklace is a wonderful choice. It is something that they will cherish forever and which lets them proudly show their heritage.

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