In recent years Israel has emerged as one of the most exciting and dynamic sources of jewelry in the world. The energetic vibe of this ancient nation in a young little country seems to have been designed to bring out more creativity than one would have thought possible otherwise. And Judaica WebStore seems to have all the bases covered in offering the whole range of Israeli and Jewish jewelry genius.

The whole ancient people/new country dynamic plays out in a host of ways as Israeli designers look to the past for inspiration in creating new and original pieces, and even genres.

Judaica Jewelry

Jewish Jewelry - Star of DavidIn the field of Judaica Jewelry, perhaps nothing is as classic (one might be forgiven for imagining “stereotypical and boring”) as the Star of David, but in our one online store alone, you can see this most recognizable of Jewish symbols rendered into more than one hundred different necklaces and pendants, as well as dozens of bracelets, earrings, and rings. Good luck finding the done-to-death “star on a chain” here. Every single example plays with the concept using shape, texture, material, and ornamentation to create something fresh and unique. Silver, gold, mixed materials, some with added diamonds, pearls, Roman Glass, or other natural or artificial precious stones. If you ever thought a Star of David just wasn’t for you, think again.

One Judaica design that’s been popular in Israel and the Middle East for centuries, and is starting to gain traction in the west too is the hamsa. This ancient hand shape has numerous interpretations, including Biblical, Islamic, Kabbalistic, and more. Either way, Jews have been adorning their houses and bodies with hamsas approximately forever. But again, this is the 21st century, so the concept has been updated with everything from bright millefiori fillings, post-modern minimalism, and even moving parts!

Speaking of old-meets-new, one variety of Judaica jewelry that has exploded in popularity in recent years are beautiful new designs incorporating verses and blessings from classic Jewish sources. Included are verses expressing love, protection for travelers, blessings for daughters, healing, the Priestly Blessing, and the eternal expression of the Jewish creed, Shema Yisrael.

Many other Judaica designs are on offer, such as the perennial favorite Chai, updated and reconceptualized of course, as well as other pieces with designs based on the menorah, mezuzah, and many many more.

Kabbalah Jewelry

Walking around the streets of Jerusalem, I’ve noticed with every passing year a growing trend that has turned into one of the absolute driving forces in adornment: Kabbalah jewelry. Of course, Judaica WebStore, rather than getting left behind has decided to lead the way with hundreds upon hundreds of Kabbalistic jewelry pieces by some of Israel’s top designers.

Aside from the ever-popular red string bracelet (offered here with a number of decorative twists), one of the most popular Kabbalistic templates is to have Kabbalistic inscriptions on silver wheel necklaces. These are dynamic pieces that move and turn, giving new perspectives on the words and ideas they contain. These necklaces are seemingly everywhere these days, and they are all different. In addition to all the various verses and blessing I mentioned above, there are also various Kabbalistic formulas intended for salvation, wealth, healing, and protection from the evil eye.

See our collection of Kabbalah Jewelry

More than Just Judaica

I’ve written so many words about Judaica and Kabbalah jewelry, you might think that’s all that Israel and Judaica WebStore have to offer. But no; there is far far more than that. They have something for almost anyone, including those with no interest in Judaica. Beautiful silver and gold pieces with great contemporary designs, including an extensive line incorporating genuine pieces of iridescent ancient Roman Glass. They can even have custom made for you a beautiful gold or silver necklace with your name in Hebrew or English. They’ll even help you get the Hebrew version right! Add to that specialty lines of jewelry for men and children, and you have a truly world class full service online jewelry retailer, with an Israeli touch.

I think when all is said and done, nobody does Jewelry like Israel, and nobody does Jewish and Israeli Jewelry like Judaica WebStore!

Avi Shekhtman

Judaica Web Store