Peter’G – Purim (Limited Edition Original Serigraph)

Custom Made in Jerusalem
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Limited Edition Original Serigraph

Size: 33cm x 26.5cm / 13.5” x 10.5”

Set in a sun-drenched, tree-filled schoolyard in the Old City of Jerusalem, this gorgeous image portrays happy children enthusiastically celebrating the Purim holiday! Clad in brightly colored costumes, children fill the balconies with colored flowers and sprawl across the courtyard to celebrate their favorite holiday. Filmy bubbles fill the air, with children sitting on them and floating high above their peers. Lighthearted, whimsical and beautiful, this happy work of art will look wonderful in your home or make a wonderful gift.

Peter Gandolfi was born in Parma, Italy. He graduated from the University of Rome in 1970 with a degree in Chemistry, then went on to lecture and serve as a research fellow in Italy and Israel between 1972-86. In 1982 he settled in Jerusalem, where he increasingly devoted himself to painting and, since 1986, has worked as full time as an artist. His work is characterized by a cartoon-like, whimsical style, bright colors and fantastic detail and often feature Jewish scenes and bubbles. His one-man shows have appeared in Jerusalem, Rome, Tel-Aviv, Haifa and Florence, and books bearing his covers and illustrations have been published internationally.

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