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The Passover Seder Plate

For Jews around the world, the Passover Seder is one of the most important Jewish rituals that they take part in throughout the year. And the centerpiece of any Seder is, of course, the Seder plate. Mentioned clearly in the Mishna (the most important part of the Oral Torah), the Seder plate has become a staple of every Jewish family's personal Judaica collection, whether in the Land of Israel, Eastern Europe, the Middle East or North America. Simply adorned or boasting ornate decorations, every Passover Seder plate features settings for each of the Seder's symbolic foods: Maror (bitter herbs), Karpas (green vegetable), Beitzah (egg), Zroah (shank bone), Charoset (mixture of apples, wine & nuts) and Chazeret (bitter vegetable). At Judaica Webstore, we offer a variety of Passover Seder plates from the Land of Israel for you and your family to enjoy every Passover for many years to come!!!

Traditional and Modern Passover Seder Plate Designs

At Judaica WebStore, you'll find a large variety of Passover Seder plates to choose from. Our collection includes replicas of historic Seder plates from around the world, Seder plates with classic Middle Eastern motifs from Armenian Ceramics, traditional Passover Seder plates from noted Israeli designer Yair Emanuel, modern Seder plate designs from Shraga Landesman, painted glass Seder plates from both Lily Art and Jordana Klein as well as limited edition handcrafted ceramic Passover Seder plates from Art in Clay among others.

The Passover Seder Plate as a Connection to the Land of Israel

One of the benefits of buying a Seder plate from Judaica WebStore is that all our Seder plates come from the Land of Israel. This makes the Seder plate the perfect item to connect your family's festive Seder meal to the land God that promised the Israelites as He redeemed them from Egyptian slavery. When you buy a Passover Seder plate from Judaica WebStore, you will not only be supporting Israeli artisans and designers, you will also be adding a deeper level of meaning to your family's celebration of personal freedom and national liberation.

The Passover Seder Plate As A Family Heirloom For Generations

As a focal point of any Jewish family's ritual observance, the Passover Seder plate will become an integral part of any family's personal Judaica collection. Adults will look fondly back on the Seder plate that was used at their grandparents' table and the Seder plate that you use today might become an integral part of your descendants' Seder experience for generations to come. This is why, when choosing a Passover Seder plate, it is so important to get one that fulfills the practical needs of the Passover Seder while also expressing your personal style and the value that you placed in maintaining Jewish rituals.

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