David Gerstein is one of the most famous and iconic Israeli artists in recent history. Born in Jerusalem, Gerstein studied at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Israel, then went on to complete his studies in Paris, New York and London. His stunning 3-D sculptures appear in public spaces across the world, and have been given to foreign Heads of State as gifts by Israel's Foreign Ministry. Gerstein's work is characterized by vivid definition and bright colors, designed to pull people's focus like brightly-colored fruits attract bees. His work includes a series of smaller-scale sculptures made from cutout steel, which will add excitement to your home or make great gifts for people who love splashes of vibrant color!

  • Judaica: Although most of Gerstein's contemporary art is not related to Judaism, he has created an exclusive selection of stunning Hanukkah menorahs which incorporate some of his most iconic motifs, like brushstrokes and butterflies. These vibrant menorahs are reversible (the vibrant design is printed on both sides), and the candle try is removable for easy cleaning and storage, allowing you to display your masterpiece all year round!
  • Tableware: If you're looking for something slightly more practical than a sculpture, consider one of these exclusive Gerstein fruit bowls. These decorative bowls feature some of his most iconic insignia like cyclists and brushstrokes, and the explosive, brilliant colors you'd expect from a Gerstein piece! These bowls are sure to make wonderful centerpieces to any room, and would be sensational gifts for a very lucky recipient!
  • Hamsa Sculptures: These Hamsa pieces combine two key concepts in modern Israeli culture: traditional symbolism and cutting-edge design. Gerstein's take on the ubiquitous Hamsa is fresh and fabulous! His designs include Hebrew words and phrases and colorful interpretations of other traditional cultural symbols such as doves and the evil eye. If you're searching for Judaica with a twist, these creative Hamsas could be exactly what you're looking for!
  • Sculptures: Gerstein's main body of work is comprised of sculptures depicting a range of scenes ranging from the mundane to the incredible! He has created incredible free-standing sculptures showing scenes from everyday life, such as a woman riding a bike or a vase of flowers, as well as explosive wall hangings featuring brilliant butterflies in a range of exotic colors, and scenes created as if looking through a window. Gerstein's images are simple, bright and exciting, and aim to make art accessible to everyone!


Gerstein's work perfectly showcases the incredible contributions that Israelis from all walks of life and professions contribute to the world. Gerstein's work is bold, vibrant and exciting, and is sure to add color and intrigue whatever room it's in!