David Gerstein Signed Hanukkah Menorah Sculpture - Shalom Hamsas (Priestly Blessing)

Custom Made in Jerusalem
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Looking for a stylish Hanukkah Menorah that will become a family favorite for many years to come? Check out this unique designer Menorah from Israeli artist David Gerstein:

  • Combining tradition and contemporary design, this Menorah features an array of candleholders set atop the Hebrew words "Nes Gadol" (Great Miracle) while two colorful Hamsas set in the form of the Priestly Benediction and the word "Shalom" are set in the background.  
  • This Menorah boasts a printed version of the artist's signature.
  • BONUS: This Menorah comes with a companion Hanukkah blessings booklet for FREE!!!

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Free standing 

Color print on cutout steel 

Height: 14.8" / 37.5 cm

Width: 12.1" / 30.7 cm

Depth: 4.2" / 10.6 cm 

Capture the artist's sense of childlike wonder and love of color and put it on your shelf! 

This stunning menorah is a work of art that will be a centerpiece in your home for a lifetime!   

The design features a pair of hands arranged in the form of the Priestly Benediction, while each hand contains an eye in order to make it reminiscent of a hamsa.  Above the hands is the Hebrew word Shalom and the hands are filled with Hebrew letters.  The base of the menorah spells the words Nes Gadol (a Great Miracle). 

Please note: the candle holder may come in any of a variety of colors, at the artist's discretion. 

The colorful design is printed on both sides of the sculpture to avoid unsightly blank spots when viewed form behind. 

This menorah fits standard Hanukkah candles. It is also appropriate for pre-filled gelled olive oil cups with diameter 2 cm / 0.8".

A free Hanukkah blessings pamphlet is included! Printed in both Hebrew and English for easy reading. Measuring 24 X 16.5 cm (9.4" X 6.5"), this beautiful laminated booklet will help everyone sing along! Includes the traditional blessings said after lighting Hanukkah candles, plus the famous tune Maoz Tzur!

As a painter and a sculptor (and one of Israel's most famous modern artists), David Gerstein seeks to expand the limits of two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional sculptures.  His easily recognizable artistic colorful syntax has found its place in private homes and collections, as well as public spaces around the world. 

His works have been given by Israel's Foreign Ministry to heads of state around the world. 

If you are interested in a limited edition, hand painted, autographed, or large scale work by David Gerstein, please contact us for more information. 

* The signature on this piece is printed.

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