Shalom is one of the most well known Hebrew words, as it means, "peace", "hello", and "goodbye" but many know it to mean "peace". The word has become internationally known, often portrayed with a dove and olive branch, the signs that showed Noah dry land was to be found towards the end of the flood. Israeli artists have their own signature styles that are incorporated into Shalom art in a personal way that looks gorgeous and allows a wide variety of styles. Shalom art is a wonderful way to welcome someone into your home and send them off in peace, and here are a few of our favorite artists who have created peaceful pieces.


1. Shalom Dove Unisex T-Shirt

Given that one of the many meanings of shalom is 'peace', the dove has long symbolized 'shalom' since the time of Noah. This T-shirt depicts a flying dove silhouette carrying the olive branch. Around its body is the word 'shalom' written in Hebrew and in English. This simple white on blue design is striking yet understated.






2.Dorit Judaica Peace Wall Hanging with Doves

This wall art comes in a choice of either English or Hebrew letters, but the message is the same. It features the word 'shalom' with two birds perched together on a branch. The art is a mix of colors; a great way to brighten any wall but not too flashy either. This would make for a great gift for any couple, whether it's a wedding present, housewarming, or just something to celebrate a peaceful home.






3. Shalom Mug - Choice of Colors Inside

A great way to start the day, this shalom mug depicts a dovec carrying an olive branch shaped like the first letter, Shin, of Shalom. Underneath is the word in English all in front of a clear sky. Whether you prefer a blue or black interior, this mug is a wonderful addition to your breakfast at home, or to keep at the office.






4. Shalom Dove Stained Glass T-Shirt

This shalom shirt greets anyone you pass by while adorned with a cool design on the Hebrew word Shalom. The letter Shin is depected as a dove flying, carrying an olive branch. The rest of the letters are in a stain-gass color style, and wavy like smoke. No matter what your style is, you'll find an option perfect for you, available in six colors. Wherever you're going, this is a great choice.






5. Pray for Israel Poster

This colorful, patterned Shalom wall art from Israeli design studio Modern Shtetl simple yet vibrant. It has the line "Shalom al Yisrael" in Hebrew with "pray for Israel" underneath. At the center, a dove is flying in front of the Israeli flag. The piece of art looks kinetic but isnt' at all harsh on the eyes. This would be a fun present anyone who loves Israel.






6. 18K Gold Unisex Star of David & Dove of Peace Pendant with Diamond

Wherever you go, the sentiment of Shalom should go with you. This exquisite 18K gold necklace by Yaniv Jewelry has a Star of David motif made up of a dove outline over a solid traingle. There is a diamond in the eye of the dove, both a practical effect and a stunning decoration. This necklace can easily be worn up or down to match the occassion. This would make for a one-of-a-kind bat mitzvah present or something special for an anniversary.






7. Hamsa Wall Hanging - Shalom. Armenian Ceramic

The Hamsa is an extremely popular Jewish symbolassociated with warding off the Evil Eye. Carrying that point even fulrther on this Hamsa wall art is the word Shalom in English and Hebrew, with a dove and olive branch above representing peace. The Hamsa design has a blue border painted around it, a classic Armenian ceramic style. This would fit in wonderfully in any Jerwish home.






8. Shalom Y'All Unisex T-Shirt

This "Shalom Y'all" shirt is a fun way to give off peaceful vibes and look good in the summer. Coming in five color options, this lightweight shirt made of 100% spun cotton will last you a long time as you show off your Jewish pride. This is a great, small gift for any man or woman to feel comfortable in. Whether for an upcoming birthday, or as a treat for yourself this is a fantastic item.






9. David Gerstein Signed Sculpture - Hamsa Motifs - Peace Upon Israel

This is a vibrant sculpture that will be a talking point for any guests over. Inside of the blue Hamsa design is the Hebrew "Shalom al Yisrael" (Peace upon Israel), along with many Jewish symbols. Among those are the dove, oil and menorah, some of the Seven Species, the Evil Eye, Shabbat Candles, the 10 Commandments, and more. It's an exciting way to display just some of the many ways that Judaism continues to excite and engage generation after generation.






10.Shalom Clock with Hebrew Digits. Armenian Ceramic

This intricate, striking piece of Armenian ceramic design is truly a work of art. The colors and elaborate imagery are captivating and at the center is a dove with an olive branch and the word "Shalom" in Hebrew and English lettering. Around the face of the clock are Hebrew letters as digits, and all of the rings of decoration contain a distinctive blue border, typical or Armenian ceramic art that developed in Jerusalem.






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