With Rosh Hashanah just around the corner, you're making sure you are prepared and making sure you have everything you need- Shofar? Check. Apples? Check. Honey? Check. Honey dish? In need! We're here to help you check that off your Rosh Hashanah list with the finest honey dishes produced in Israel, created by the Holy Land's greatest artists.  Apples and honey are basically the centerpieces of this holiday so why not portray the honey on a dish that makes it stand out among. Any of these dishes will pair perfectly with some Israeli honey (Check out our Honey Guide to find out more about Israel's delicious honey!).

Honey dishes make the perfect gift if your going away for the holiday, or even for newlyweds! Not only is a honey dish used from Rosh Hashanah until Succot when blessing the challah over Shabbat and the holidays, newlyweds use honey on their challah for their first year of marriage.  Rather than putting salt on their challah, which resembles a sacrifice given during Temple times, honey is used to symbolize a sweet year of marriage. Honey dishes come in plenty of shapes and colors, and are all unique pieces of useable art that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Pomegranate Honey Dishes

What better way to represent Rosh Hashanah than with a pomegranate honey dish?  Pomegranates symbolize the 613 mitzvot- commandments, and are round, representing a cycle- both of which are important aspects for Rosh Hashanah.  We begin the new year, a cycle, and take on the commandments once again. These sweet fruits are also are one of the Seven Species, which are native to the land of Israel since Biblical times, so why not store your honey in one of Israel's most iconic fruits? Beautiful glass, ceramic, silver, and metal dishes either shaped like a pomegranate or adorned with the fruit, pomegranate dishes make a stunning centerpiece.

A fun way to decorate your table with function


Jerusalem Honey Dishes

Every year over Passover and Yom Kippor we say the words- L'Shana Habah B'Yerushalim- Next year in Jerusalem. Why not bring in this new year with a little piece of Jerusalem? Jerusalem honey dishes make a great gift, featuring Jerusalem's spectacular skyline.  The City of Gold deserves to be featured, as it compliments the golden honey you'll put inside. A true showstopper that cannot be missed!

The bottom metal layer of the crystal plate is enscribed with the words "shana tova umetuka"- "a good and sweet new year"


Glass Honey Dishes

Let the honey steal the show by putting it in any of these beautiful glass dishes! Many hand painted and colorful options, dishes were made by some of Israel's most beloved artists. Many feature symbols of Rosh Hashanah or have intricate designs embossed on the plate.  Best is that most come with a plate, bowl, and honey dipper, giving the perfect balance of space for apples and honey!

This dish really fits into fall and Rosh Hashanah themes- with its soft golden color and apple shaped dish


Sterling Silver Honey Dish

If you'er looking for something a little more elegant and traditional, check out all the sterling silver options, many of which come from Hazorfim.  Hazorfim started off as a small family business and grew into an internationally renowned producer of handmade Judaica. Choose from options with stunning crystal and gorgeous etchings with small gems.  All options are more beautiful than the next, making a silver honey dish something that will really bring all eyes to it.


Simplicity is sometimes all you need to be a show stopper


Honey Dishes on a Budget

It is always nice to buy something new for every holiday, but it can really add up. Treat yourself this new year to any of our fantastic honey dishes for under $50! With plenty of options to choose from, each incredibly unique and perfect for your table. All different materials from all different artists, your table will sparkle and shine with whatever you choose.

You'll be pleasantly surprised with what you can find on a budget!


If you want to see more, check out our complete list of honey dishes. Wishing you the sweetest of years!