Ever since her start in 1983, Marina Meiri of Marina Jewelry , has been creating stunning pieces of jewelry in her Haifa studio. Marina was inspired by spirituality and religion which can easily be seen in any of her beautiful pieces of jewelry, especially her charms which she is best known for. As a graduate of gemology and precious stones, Marina often uses precious and semi-precious stones in her jewelry, as well as a combination of different metals and materials. Asides for charms, Marina Jewelry also makes beautiful and meaningful rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, all made with love and a little piece of Israel. Marina Jewelry is inspirational and spiritual, something you will love to have on you.

Charms and Beads

Marina Jewelry is best known for her snake-chain charms and beads featuring different Jewish symbols and concepts. Inspired by Jewish history, starting from biblical times and ending with the modern state of Israel, these charms are truely something special. Aside from the classics like the Star of David, the Tree of Life, Hamsas, pomegranates, and Hoshens, Marina Jewelry has charms of Noah's Ark, camels, Jewish versus and blessings, the Israeli flag, and even the ancient fortress of Masada. The beads are absolutely gorgeous featuring multiple colors and stones. Anyone would love to have a Marina charm on their bracelet.

Incredible craftsmanship- the animals on the Ark look so real

Eilat Stone

Israel's national stone is the greenish Eilat Stone, so Eilat Stone jewelry has a lot of meaning behind it. Originally found in King Solomon's copper mines near Eilat, the stone is also called Solomon's Stone, and creates some beautiful pieces of jewelry. Marina Jewelry has taken advantage of this unique stone and created stunning pieces that leave the stone's natural colors of greens, blue and reds as the centerpiece. Some of these pieces also feature beautiful silver designs or incorporate other semi-precious stones such as Marcasite. A beautiful gift to give, and even better to receive, wearing Eilat Stone jewelry is literally carry a piece of Israel with you. 

Inspired by art-deco, the Marcasite stones will glitter along side the Eilat Stone

Opal Jewelry

Opal jewelry is one of the most popular styles of jewelry in Israel. The bright blue resembles the ever constant blue sky and always sparkles in the sunlight. Marina Jewelry has captured this aspect of opal and managed to put it in some of the most incredible pieces of jewelry. When it comes to opal jewelry, the stone really becomes the center of attention, as many of her opal pieces are cut into minimalistic and beautiful shapes. Opal jewelry is perfect for all ages and can be worn with almost everything. Such gorgeous styles can only come from Israel.

Blue is considered a color of luck according to Kabbalah

Israel Jewelry

Israel jewelry is the perfect way to show off your love, support and pride in the Jewish homeland. Marina Jewelry's Israel jewelry features Israeli flags so that its obvious what it is exactly. Beads and charms for snake-chain charms, as well as necklaces featuring the iconic flag is available here. For those of you in the United States, Marina Jewelry also offers a pair of US and Israeli flags together so that you can show your appreciation for the strong relationship the two countries have. Marina Jewelry's Israel jewelry is not something to be missed out on!

The blue and white flag say exactly what you're feeling in your heart