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The Israeli flag is a symbol of national pride for Jews around the world. Featuring the Star of David, it flies high above Israeli landmarks like the Western Wall, hangs outside official residences and is draped across military postings around the country. It is lowered to half-mast on days of national mourning, and danced around at celebratory street parties on Independence Day. Wearing the iconic flag, or displaying it in your home, is a great way to express your patriotism and proudly show the world that you stand with Israel! Our amazing range of Israeli flag themed products includes clothing, pins, bunting and coasters, and plenty of other great items to help you show your love for Israel!

A Brief History

When Herzl was penning his infamous work “Der Judenstaat” (the Jewish State), he decided that in order to rally thousands of Jews to his Zionist course, the movement needed a flag. He suggested a white flag emblazoned with 7 gold stars, but the idea failed to catch.

His friend and compatriot David Wolffsohn saw the blue-and-white striped tallit (Jewish prayer shawl) as the perfect base for a Zionist flag, and ordered a white flag with two blue stripes and a blue Star of David ahead of the First Zionist Congress in 1897. In 1948, shortly after the creation of the State of Israel, Wolffsohn’s Zionist flag was adopted as its official flag.

This great range of flag-themed merchandise is a great way to show your support for Israel. As well as proudly displaying the emblematic flag, you’ll also be supporting Israeli artists and their amazing work!

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