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Challah Covers and Challah Boards

These exquisite pieces serve as both functional and decorative elements, creating an elegant and meaningful centerpiece for your gatherings. Challah covers and boards are indispensable elements of Jewish tradition and ritual, designed to elevate the observance of the Shabbat and other special occasions. They play a crucial role during the blessings over the Challah bread and wine, setting the stage for a heartfelt and memorable experience.

Challah Covers:

These covers are placed over the Challah loaves during the Kiddush and in some customs Hamotzi blessings, so as to distinguish the kiddush blessing from that of the bread, which would otherwise be said first. They not only safeguard the Challah but also add a layer of reverence to the moment.

Challah Boards:

The Challah Board is the foundation on which the Challah loaves rest before the blessings. It provides a sturdy surface for slicing the bread and sometimes includes compartments for salt and other condiments. Challah Boards are designed for both practicality and aesthetics, enhancing the overall presentation of the meal.

Challah Knives:

Simple but effective, the knife for cutting challah would be the same as any other serrated knife if it were not for the ornate and stunning handles that make them stand out in honor of Shabbat, and often match the boards and covers.

Elevate your table setting and enrich your Jewish traditions with our carefully curated selection of Challah Covers and Boards. Explore our exquisite collection, and choose the perfect pieces to infuse beauty and sanctity into your Shabbat and holiday gatherings.

We sell designs from some of the leading artists in Israel, including hand painted wood and silk covers from Yair Emanuel. The glass challah tray designed by Jordana Klein will be conversation starter with guests. Take a look at our collection, and choose the one that speaks to you to sit atop your table.

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