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Hadad Bros Polished 925 Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup Set
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Wedding Kiddush Cups

At a Jewish wedding, there are a few reasons when a Kiddush cup will be used. Under the chuppah (wedding canopy) there is an initial round of the Sheva Brachot (7 seven seven blessing Jewish weddings have uniquely) where people are invited to come up for 7 special blessings, as well as the couple themselves drinking wine under the chuppah. After the meal, there is another round of Sheva Brachot, and the couple has a second glass of wine. It has become tradition to use a special wedding kiddush cup for these special blessings, that can be repurposed for the wedded pair's new home.

Sterling Silver Kiddush Cups

For a more refined and classy look, check out our wide range of sterling silver Kiddush cups from top Israeli artisans. Our collection includes handcrafted traditional Kiddush cups from Shoham Yemenite Art, modern designs from Bier Judaica and luxurious cups from Silver Way among others. Pick yours here!

Designer Kiddush Cups

For a Kiddush cup that will seamlessly blend the traditional ritual of Kiddush with the chic look of contemporary design, be sure to have a look at our vast collection of designer Kiddush cups from top Israeli designers. At Judaica WebStore, our selection boasts a range of unique Kiddush cups that will be sure to enrich your weddding, and all the Shabbat or holiday meals after> We offer stylish ones from world-renowned Judaica designer Yair Emanuel, handcrafted Kiddush cups from Jerusalem Glass Studio and Kiddush cups boasting trendy sterling silver designs from Bier Judaica.