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What is the Tree of Life?

The Tree of Life is an ancient symbol that represents faith at its purest and simplest: deep roots, a strong foundation, and bright, beautiful individuals that stay closely attached their whole lives. Beautiful and meaningful, the Tree of Life will make a gorgeous and symbolic gift to someone who loves and values their faith. Choose from Judaica, decor pieces, gorgeous Tree of Life jewelry including Tree of Life necklaces and more and keep your faith close, always. The Jewish Tree of Life does not only refer to the tree in the Garden of Eden but also represents the Torah and Kabbalah's ten Sefirot or attributions. Many of these Tree of Life gifts are in the shape of a tree but you will also find the Kabbalistic Tree of Life which has a more geometric shape and even a Torah pointer, which you can then use to read from the Torah, Judaism's other Tree of Life.

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