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Women are not required to wear a tallit (‘prayer shawl’) like men are, but many have decided to don this traditional garment for their own morning prayers. Many Israeli crafters have caught on to this trend and will not only make a women’s tallit, but also a girl’s tallit so that she can wear one for a bat mitzvah celebration, marking the joyous day she is obligated in the commandments.

These are works of art from renowned Israeli designers, made to capture the traditional spirituality of a tallit, while maintaining a clear sense of femininity. Whether you are looking to shop for a bat mitzvah tallit or to get one for any other lifecycle event, be sure to check out our handy Tallit Sizing Guide to help you figure out the size you need before ordering your special Israeli Tallit! The section contains some tallits that are sheer, so you can still see your beautiful garments underneath.

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