Dudu Zakai. More Songs (2008)


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 Dudu Zakai. More Songs (2008)
 Dudu Zakai. More Songs (2008)

Number of CD(s) in package: 1

One of Israel's most popular performers from the 1970s, Dudu Zakai's songs of the Land of Israel and children's songs have touched the hearts of countless Israelis.  This is his second collection.

1.   Rotzeh Od Mashehu Lemor

2.   Shiri Li

3.   Mis'hakim

4.   Hofa'a Be'ein Shofet

5.   Leilot

6.   Zemer Zehuvat Hataltalim

7.   Hu Lo Yada Et Shma

8.   Mishehu Ba Ve'amar

9.   Nifgashnu Shuv

10. Horef Bahir Bagiv'at Haim Ihud

11. Yesh Li Kinneret

12. Od Shana

13. Lo Ze Hayom

14. Bisdot Artzi

15. Na'arot Mehakot

16. Gvanim

17. Beiti El Mul Golan

18. Od Shir Echad

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