Boys Tallit Katan - White With Light Stripes

Designed in IsraelKosher to the Highest Standard
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Start your son off in wearing Tzitzit with these adorable options from Tzitzit Jerusalem!

  • Select from variety of design styles!
  • Breathable and lightweight garment in easy pull-over style features four corners with tzitzit strings
  • Tzitzit strings are certified Mehadrin, under the supervision of Rav Vosner, and handmade with love in the land of Israel!

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35% cotton, 65% polyester

Wash in warm water

Size 2 (ages 3-4). Width: 20 cm / 8". Length: 60 cm / 24"

Size 3 (ages 3-5). Width: 25 cm / 10". Length 70 cm / 28"

Celebrate your son's start of keeping Mitzvot with this beautiful Tallit Kattan, featuring a silky, deluxe feel made from a cotton and polyester blend. With the option to choose from a variety of playful, boyish designs, there is something for everyone. Certified with the strictest adherence to religious law, this Tallit Kattan has pre-tied strings, that were handmade with religious devotion, on each of the four corners to fulfill the commandment in Numbers 15:38-39: "Make for [your]selves fringes on the corners of [your] garments, ... when you see it, you will remember all the commandments of the L-rd." Made with care in Jerusalem, this is a great gift for the special boy in your life!

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