Chava Alberstein. Sipur Intimi / Love Songs. 2 CD Set (2012)

Chava Alberstein. Sipur Intimi / Love Songs. 2 CD Set (2012)


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Number of CD(s) in package: 2

In a career spanning decades, Chava Alberstein with nearly 60 albums (!!) to her credit has become one of the most beloved and enduringly popular artists in Israel's history. Never out of date, never behind the times, never anything less than one of the most vital and relevant musicians working today, Israel's public always anticipates her every new release.

This wonderful collection includes 2 CDs filled with a total of 36 songs covering all of Chava's best known love songs from throughout her career. Old songs, new songs, songs written by her, songs written by others, and "The Man I Love" by George and Ira Gershwin!

The set is packaged with a beautifully illustrated deluxe color booklet that also features the Hebrew lyrics to all the songs.

CD 1:

1. Ohev O Ne'ehav

2. Menasa Lishmor Al Kesher

3. Ha'ahava Me'alteret

4. Martihim Mayim

5. Haboker Hu Zman Metzuyan Le'ehov

6. Bishvilcha

7. Kmo Esev Benisan

8. Michtav

9. Hagan Habiladi

10. At Shoma'at

11. Ad Sof Hakayitz

12. Biglal Halaila

13. Tfilat Yom Huledet

14. Lu Ba'at

15. Kimat Shnatayim

16. Harei At Muteret Lechol Adam

17. Sapri Li Le'at

18. Od Yom Echad

CD 2:

1. Shalosh Ahavotai

2. Espresso Katzar

3. Shuv

4. Ahavat Esrim Hashana

5. Lu Yadati (Sipur Intimi)

6. Sulam

7. Rahok Rahok

8. Hi Mityapahat Bahedra

9. Al Gag Adom (Yonat Ha'ahava)

10. Mul Hayam

11. Ma Zeh Haya

12. Ein Preida Yaffa

13. Kol Sha'a Neshika

14. Remez

15. The Man I Love

16. Ani Holechet Elai

17. Perach Halilach

18. Ke'ilu Sof

Chava Alberstein is an Israeli singer, lyricist, composer, musical arranger, and actress. She is one of the most important Israeli singers, with a career spanning more than 40 years. The unique voice of Chava Alberstein was heard even before she began her songwriting career.

Born in Stettin, a German city annexed by Poland in 1945 (now north-eastern Poland), Chava Alberstein came to Israel at age four and grew up in Kiryat Chaim. In 1964, when she was 17, a nightclub appearance in Jaffa led to a CBS recording contract. She was drafted into the Israel Defense Force in 1965 and became one of the many Israeli artists to rise to stardom by entertaining the troops. She has released more than 50 albums. She is one of the more famous Israelis to record in Yiddish as well as Hebrew and Arabic.