Designer Gold-Plated Challah Board With Shabbat Verses By Dorit Judaica

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Add a magnificent touch of contemporary Israeli art to your home décor with this remarkable designer challah board from Dorit Judaica:

  • Featuring a gold-plated brass design set between two layers of tempered glass, this challah board is available in a variety of design options that incorporate elegant artistic motifs and Hebrew verses & prayers.
  • An original work from one of the top Israeli Judaica designers.
  • Will make a fantastic gift for a birthday, housewarming, engagement, anniversary, holiday or any other special occasion.

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Gold-Plated Brass, Tempered Glass, Stainless Steel Legs

Size: 40 cm x 26.5 cm x 3 cm / 15.75" x 10.43" x 1.18"

The next time you host a Shabbat or holiday meal, impress your guests when you use this stunning designer challah board from Dorit Judaica. Composed of a gold-plated brass design set between two layers of tempered glass, this challah board is available in three design options:

1) An elegant Arabesque design inscribed across the center with the traditional Shabbat prayer, "Lecha Dodi Likrat Kallah Penei Shabbat NeKabelah" (Come, my beloved, to greet the bride. Let us welcome the presence of Shabbat).

2) A pomegranate design with the Hebrew words of the traditional Shabbat song, "Vezakeinu LeKabel Shabbatot Mitoch Rov Simcha" (May we accept Shabbat out of great joy) and the Hebrew words of the Biblical verse (Psalms 145:16), "Poteach Et Yadecha UMasbia Lechol Chai Ratzon" (You open your hand and satisfy every living thing with favor).

3) An Arabesque mandala design with Hebrew words "Shabbat Kodesh, Shabbat Mevurechet, Shabbat Shel Shalvah, Shabbat Menucha, Shabbat Shalom" (Holy Sabbath, Blessed Sabbath, A Sabbath of Tranquility, A Restful Sabbath, A Peaceful Sabbath).

Both beautiful and meaningful, you will love using this challah board every week for many years to come!!!

Dorit is the founder of Dorit Judaica. She's a religious woman with a singular passion for Jewish art. Her faith helps her create vivid pieces that are pleasing to the senses. She specializes in integrating Jewish texts into her colorful work. Dorit employs her remarkable creativity in all her designs. She is a seventh-generation Israeli, and lives in Petach Tikva with her husband and four kids.

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