Elegant Hanukkah Menorah With Jerusalem Motif

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Wonderfully enrich your family's festive Hanukkah celebrations with this remarkable Hanukkah Menorah from the Land of Israel:

  • Made from nickel, this ornate Menorah features elegantly curved branches holding up candle holders that are adorned along the bottom with an artistic representation of the Holy City of Jerusalem.
  • A stunning blend of traditional ritual and contemporary design from the Land of Israel.
  • BONUS: This Menorah comes with a free Hanukkah blessings pamphlet

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Height: 21 cm / 8.27". Width: 16 cm / 6.3". Candleholder diameter: 1 cm / 0.4"

This Menorah is suitable for standard Hanukkah candles

Wonderfully connect your family's Hanukkah celebrations to the Holy City of Jerusalem with this stunning Hanukkah Menorah from the Land of Israel. Made from nickel, this Menorah features ornate swirling designs extending from a central stem and supporting nine candleholders (one for each night as well as the Shamash). The bottom of each candleholder is embellished with an artistic portrayal of the Holy City of Jerusalem, showcasing its iconic domed and turreted buildings. A blend of traditional symbolism and ritual observance, this Hanukkah Menorah will make a wonderful addition to your personal Judaica collection.

In order to fit securely into the candleholders, the bottom of the candles might need to be melted. For safe use of this Menorah, please ensure it is used properly and placed on a stable surface.

A free Hanukkah blessings pamphlet is included! Printed in both Hebrew and English for easy reading. Measuring 24 X 16.5 cm (9.4" X 6.5"), this beautiful laminated booklet will help everyone sing along! Includes the traditional blessings said after lighting Hanukkah candles, plus the famous tune Maoz Tzur!

The Jerusalem-based Lion of Judah Studio brings you beautiful, unique Judaica and Jewish art straight from the Land of Israel. Lion of Judah Studio combines traditional and modern design elements in its pieces, incorporating uniquely Israeli and Jerusalem-based art styles and motifs.  

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