Gifts for MomWhile there is no mother quite like the Jewish mother, every mom is something special. They are there for us from the time we're small until we are grown up, sometimes even when we are the parents. The connection between a mother and child is unbreakable- and there is no perfect way to show the full appreciation for it all since they have given it all. However, a token of love and thanks is always appreciated, no matter how big or small, it can be one of the greatest gifts a mom can receive from her own children. Beautiful pieces of jewelry and art, something that will help her relax or if she's queen of the kitchen, we have something that are just for her.

Woman of Valor Jewelry and Art

Woman of Valor

The Woman of Valor poem was written by King Solomon as part of the Book of Proverbs and has been sung to welcome in the Shabbat Queen on Friday night. However, the poem also talks about the power of the Jewish woman, and your mom deserves to know just how special she is. Wall hangings and jewelry both feature this precious poem in the most stunning ways with pearls and paper-cut outs as two of the most popular decorations. Pomegranates are often associated with women, which is why so many Woman of Valor pieces feature this fruit, sometimes decorated with rubies and sometimes a more minimal look where the phrase really stands out like with this pomegranate necklace. 


❤︎ We love this pressed flowers Woman of Valor.

Mom Jewelry

Mom JewelryMom jewelry is always a classic, but also incredibly meaningful to be able to carry around the names of all her kids proudly. There are necklaces with Hebrew and English writing and each comes with a different number of names. Having multiple rings stacked or on a strand one next to each other is a trending style available in silver, gold, and even rose gold. There is also the perfect necklace for a new mom with cute little baby feet and with a birthstone in a heart. Some of the necklaces are more decorative with birds, peacocks, pomegranates and the Tree of Life cut out in a disk and all look absolutely stunning. No matter how big your family is, there will always be a way to show off each and every member.

❤︎ We love this family tree necklace. 


ApronsSome moms are the queen of the kitchen because they love to cook or bake, and for that we have special aprons by Barbara Shaw that perfectly describe your mom. From "don't tell me to keep calm" to this one with loving phrases and an apron with the words Eishet Chayal across the middle, your mom won't be able to help but smile every time she cooks. If your mom happens to be a grandma we have something for her too whether she is a Bubbe or a Savta. There are also aprons with recipes for challah and latkes if she always loves to try new things, and those with Jerusalem on it for when she dreams of this holy city. An apron shows how much you care but also includes a little fun in a gift.

❤︎ We love this Moroccan mother apron.

Throw Pillow

Throw PillowYour mom might have a chair thats known to be hers, or a spot on the couch that everyone moves when she comes to sit down. Decorate her special spot with an adorable throw pillow and let everyone know its just for her. Designed by Israeli artist, Barbara Shaw, this pillow features different mom-related quotes in Hebrew, English and Yiddish, as well as having the Hebrew word Imma- mother- across the front of the heart. A small treat that will brighten up the space you put it in, just like your mom knows how to brighten up your day.

❤︎ We love this Imma throw pillow.

Dead Sea Products

Dead Sea ProductsYour mom works hard, and deserves to take a break. She might need a new delicious hand cream to keep in her purse or a whole spa kit so she can take the night off, just don't forget the wine! Give her a Dead Sea experience with some Dead Sea mud and a salt scrub that will leave her skin soft and refreshed or something from DERMUD, AHAVA's award winning line that she can use over and over again. Body butters, lotions, body washes, mud masks, and more, your mom would love anything from incredible companies like AHAVA and Edom that will leave her relaxed, rejuvenated, and refreshed.

❤︎ We love this delightful patchouli lavender salt scrub.