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"May this home be a place of happiness and health, of contentment, generosity and hope...". A traditional Jewish home blessing is an excellent gift for anyone whom you'd like to wish a sense of joy and security in the home. Judaica Webstore has a number of beautiful blessings in metal, wood, glass, and on cloth. One of our designs is sure to suit your taste.

You can read more about our Jewish Home Blessings products here.

David Fisher's Laser-Cut Paper Designs

David Fisher is a Jerusalem-based artist who has incredibly ornate designs laser cut into paper. He brings us house blessings in Hebrew text, with beautiful foliate and floral motifs. These ready-to-frame designs look like snowflakes or lace and will surely add a touch of elegance and charm to the room they adorn.

Armenian Ceramic

There are different home blessings on Armenian Ceramic, in Hebrew and in English. Armenian Ceramic became a typical Jerusalem craft back in the beginning of the twentieth century when the Ottoman Empire commissioned a group of Armenians to repair the tile work on the Mosque of Omar. Armenian Ceramic charms us with its playful colors and its honest simplicity.

Yair Emanuel's Wall Hangings

Yair Emanuel, a Jerusalem artist who was trained at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, has made a number of wall hanging blessings, both in Hebrew and English. Emanuel uses textile techniques like embroidery, appliqué, and hand-painting to create bold and colorful craft objects. His home blessings employ such traditional motifs such as the pomegranate. The hangings are mounted on a brass rod and embellished with glass and metal beads.

Hazorfim Silver

Hazorfim is a world-renowned silversmithing shop founded in Jerusalem in 1952 by top talents from Eastern Europe. Hazorfim Silver can be found in the private collections of kings and presidents worldwide. They offer several different home blessings, all embossed in sterling silver and mounted on piano-finished wood.

Hamsas from Adina Plastelina and Lily Art

We also carry some beautiful hamsa pieces. Adina Plastelina is a workshop located in Old Jaffa. They specialize in a mille fiore technique that uses polymer clay to mimic old Italian glass. Their hamsas integrate the colorful mille fiore with an ornate pewter frame, and they are truly an attractive piece for your home. Lily Shohat of Lily Art makes some abstracted hamsas in her signature medium, hand-painted glass, mounted with a metal plaque bearing a traditional Hebrew home blessing.

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