Home BlessingsHome Blessings are a piece of artwork featuring the iconic Jewish house blessing to keep the household safe and sound. The home blessing comes in a variety of ways, aside from Hebrew and English.  Most however, feature a whole bunch of positive attributes that should be placed on the home such as; happiness, success, peace, love and fortune.  Home blessings come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from small Hamsas to large silver words of the blessing that you can hang on the wall.  Home blessings are the perfect gift to those moving into a new home-whether it be starting a new life together or a new chapter, these are a wonderful piece of Israeli art with meaning behind them.

Hamsa Home Blessings

Hamsa Home BlessingsHamsa Home Blessings combine two powerful concepts in Judaism- the ancient hand symbol of protection and the positivity of the home blessing.  On the smaller side of home decor, these little hamsas made from ceramic, glass and stainless steel will fit in almost anywhere in your home. Made with bright colors and adorned with beads or fringes, each of these is more unique than the next as no two are exactly the same. Many Hamsa home blessings are available with the blessing in Hebrew or in English so that you can get whichever language speaks to you.

❤︎ We love this hand painted blue Hamsa and this ceramic Hamsa with an English home blessing.

Stainless Steel Home Blessings

Stainless Steel Home BlessingsStainless Steel Home Blessings have a more minimalistic look to them- whether it just be the words as the wall hanging or used as a background to a gorgeous piece of art in Jewish themed shapes such a pomegranates and hamsas or more original shapes, these home blessings are something special. Cutouts, polymer clay, mandalas and gems are featured on these simplistic wall hangings, really putting a focus on the blessing itself and its meaning.  These stainless steel home blessing pieces will standout on your wall and be admired by all.

❤︎ We love this pomegranate home blessing and this homey wall hanging with a quote from Naomi Shemer.

Hebrew-English Home Blessings

Hebrew-English Home BlessingsHebrew-English Home Blessings are a large part of the Judaica Web Store's home blessing selection.  Many of the home blessings come in either Hebrew or English, but this section allows you to have the best of both worlds- the ancient language of Hebrew mixed with your native language. This style is available in Dorit Judaica's classic mandala sterling steel pomegranate, a gorgeous tapestry from Yair Emanuel or a framed masterpiece such as one of David Fisher's paper cut-outs or Yael Elkayam's pressed flower pieces.  

❤︎ We love this pomegranate home blessing and this pressed flowers home blessing.

Ceramic Home Blessings

Ceramic Home BlessingCeramic Home Blessings are not only available as classic wall hangings, but also available as tiles either made in the traditional Armenian Ceramic style or from the Israel museum, inspired by the old North African Jewish community. If you or someone you know is renovating, then now it is the perfect time to add one of these tiles right into the wall to mix things up.  All of these ceramic home blessings were made with incredible care as they are all handmade and/or hand-painted, making each one a little more special.

❤︎ We love this Armenian Ceramic tile and this Art in Clay plaque.

Glass Home Blessings

Glass Home BlessingGlass Home Blessings are the rainbow of color that you need in your home. The combination of colorful designs, a delicate look, metal inlays and glass beads make these handmade pieces an eye catcher on your wall. Many of these glass home blessings are made by the marvelous Lily Art, who often features a multitude of colors, flowers and pomegranates in many of her wonderful pieces.  The blessing of the home on Lily Arts's pieces is printed on a metal pendant that is then surrounded by all of her wonderful artwork featuring Jewish motifs as the combination of materials balance each other out.

❤︎ We love this three pomegranate home blessing.