Glass Seder Plate With Splitting of the Sea Design By Jordana Klein

Hand Made in Israel
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Celebrate Passover like never before with this remarkable designer Seder plate from Israeli artist Jordana Klein:

  • Made from glass and set on polished aluminum legs, this Seder plate is decorated with a stylish representation of the Biblical splitting of the sea and is inscribed with the names of the symbolic foods in a chic Hebrew script.
  • An original design and work of craftsmanship from the Land of Israel.
  • This Seder plate comes with a matching Matzah plate at an additional cost.

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Scratch-resistant tempered glass

1.5" aluminum legs

Available in two sizes:

12" / 30 cm (Diameter)

16" / 40 cm (Diameter)

A matching tempered glass Matzah plate is available at an additional cost

Wonderfully enrich your family's Passover Seder with this beautiful designer Seder plate from Israeli artist Jordana Klein. Resting on polished aluminum legs, this glass plate is decorated with a vibrant blue-green artistic depiction of the splitting of the Red Sea during the Exodus of the Children of Israel from Egypt. Inscribed along this circular dish are the names of the Seder's six symbolic foods written in a stylish Torah-like Hebrew script: Z'roah (Shank Bone), Beitzah (Egg), Maror (Bitter Herb), Karpas (Vegetable), Charoset (Blend of wine and fruit) and Chazeret (Bitter Vegetable). An original design from the Land of Israel, you will love using this Seder plate every Passover for many years to come.

Based in Jerusalem, artist Jordana Klein takes inspiration from the natural beauty that the world, and the Land of Israel in particular, has to offer. Through her use of bold, vibrant colors, her work brings you stunning pieces of both practical Judaica and exquisite works of art that will illuminate your home décor for years to come.

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