Jordana Klein Glass Shabbat Candlesticks Tray – Daughter's Blessing

Hand Made in Israel
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Your Shabbat and holiday celebrations will never be the same once you add this one-of-a-kind glass candlesticks tray from Israeli artist Jordana Klein:

  • Uniquely designed, this tray features the Hebrew words of the traditional Friday night blessing for the daughter (Yesimech Elokim KeSarah, Rivka, Rachel VeLeah– May God Make You Like Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah) surrounded by a lovely abstract watercolor design.
  • Perfect for use as a candlesticks tray on Shabbat and the holidays, as a Menorah tray on Hanukkah as well as a home decoration throughout the rest of the year.
  • A wonderful gift idea that will be cherished for many years to come.

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Tempered Glass, Aluminum Legs

Size: 20 cm x 30 cm / 7.87" x 11.81"

Add a unique element of contemporary Israeli art to your personal Judaica collection with this remarkable candlesticks tray from Israeli artist Jordana Klein. Resting on four polished aluminum legs, inscribed in the center of this tray is the traditional Friday night blessing for the daughter, "Yesimech Elokim KeSarah, Rivka, Rachel VeLeah" (May God Make You Like Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah) written in a stylish Hebrew script and surrounded by an abstract watercolor border. From the Land of Israel, this tray will make an incredible gift for a holiday, birthday, housewarming or any other special occasion.

Please Note! The Menorah featured in the product photo is for demonstrative purposes only and is not included.

Based in Jerusalem, artist Jordana Klein takes inspiration from the natural beauty that the world, and the Land of Israel in particular, has to offer. Through her use of bold, vibrant colors, her work brings you stunning pieces of both practical Judaica and exquisite works of art that will illuminate your home décor for years to come.

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