Jordana Klein "He Who Is Wealthy Is Content With His Lot" Challah Cover

Hand Made in Israel
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When it isn't always so easy to remember where genuine wealth lies, let the words of our sages accompany you at the Shabbat table with this striking contemporary challah cover from Jordana Klein!

  • Colors of the rainbow explode from the core of the cover, where a circle of letters form the classic quote declaring the cause of true wealth
  • Perfectly produced reproduction of one of Jordana's paintings
  • Makes the perfect housewarming gift for a family that appreciates a burst of color and style in celebrating Shabbat!

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Machine Washable Microfiber Material

Size: 45cm x 55cm / 17.72" x 21.65"

There are few words that could capture that sense of contemment one has when satisfied with one's lot, when gracious acceptance of one's predicament creates wealth. But, where words are insufficient, skilled contemporary designer, Jordana Klein turned to abstract expression to deliver this sentiment. A dynamic splash of color bursts from the center of this challah cover, which contains the classic aphorism from the collection of Jewish wisdom, Pirkei Avot (4:1), "Eizehu Ashir, HaSameach BeChelko" ("He Who is Wealthy is Content With His Lot") in a circle of letters. The outer border is a beautiful beige band with a black frame. Made of machine washable microfiber material for added protection, this charming work of art will be an enduring inspirational fixture for your Shabbat table for years to come!

Based in Jerusalem, artist Jordana Klein takes inspiration from the natural beauty that the world and the Land of Israel in particular, have to offer. Through her use of bold, vibrant colors, her work brings you stunning pieces of both practical Judaica and exquisite works of art that will illuminate your home décor for years to come.

  1. Jordana Klein "He Who Is Wealthy Is Content With His Lot" Challah Cover
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