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Our unique collection of Land of Israel jewelry features a special selection of pieces shaped like the iconic map of Israel. Available in gold and silver with a range of sparkling stone embellishments to choose from, these pieces will make a unique and special gift to someone you love, who loves Israel.

The land of Israel is so many things to so many people - the fulfillment of an ancient promise; a beacon of democracy and justice in a war-struck Middle East; the realization of Herzl's Zionist dream. It's a beautiful melting pot of multicultural diversity, where everything from headscarves to hijabs is normal: more importantly, it's the one place on Earth every Jew can call home. It's a truly special country, and everyone has a unique and special connection to our Promised Land. This exquisite, exclusive collection of jewelry is the perfect way to show the world that you stand with Israel, and keep it close to your heart at all times.

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