Star of David Nickel and Enamel 7-Branch Menorah with Tribes of Israel

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Enhance your home decor with this delightful seven branched menorah from the Land of Israel:

  • Made from nickel and enamel, this menorah is decorated with the symbols of the 12 tribes of Israel as well as a Star of David.
  • Available in three different colors for you to choose from.
  • Will brighten up any room it is displayed in!

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Nickel, Enamel

Size: 10 cm x 8.3 cm x 3 cm / 3.9” x 3.26” x 1.18”

Add a pop of color to your home decor and feel connected to the Land of Israel with this beautiful seven-branched menorah. Striking and compact, this menorah is made from nickel and is decorated with enamel in a variety of colors for you to choose from. At the base of the branches, there is a Star of David that brings the whole menorah together. Each branch features a symbol of one of the twelve tribes of Israel, as well as down the main branch: there are mandrake flowers for Reuben, a gate for Shimon, a Hoshen (High Priest's Breastplate) for Levi, a Lion for Judah, a snake for Dan, a deer for Naftali, a military tent for Gad, an olive tree for Asher, sun and stars for Issachar, a ship for Zebulun, stalks of wheat for Joseph, and a wolf for Benjamin. The base of the menorah is also made to look like three steps, and each one features either a Jerusalem design or a dot and line design. Sure to dazzle guests and family alike, this menorah will brighten any room it will be displayed in!

Please Note: This 7-branch menorah is not a Hanukkah menorah. 

The Jerusalem-based Lion of Judah Studio brings you beautiful, unique Judaica and Jewish art straight from the Land of Israel. Lion of Judah Studio combines traditional and modern design elements in their pieces, in addition to incorporating uniquely Israeli and Jerusalem-based art styles and motifs.

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