Verses of Protection: Large Double Sided Disk Kabbalah Necklace with Raised Heh for Men

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Add a stunning touch of faith to your personal jewelry collection with this one-of-a-kind designer necklace from Studio Golan:

  • Made from sterling silver, this round pendant is set in the center with a raised letter Heh, representing the name of God, that is surrounded by a Biblical verse of protection. The reverse of the pendant is engraved with more meaningful verses.
  • Skillfully handcrafted in the Land of Israel.
  • No matter the occasion, this necklace will make a fantastic addition to any outfit that you choose to wear.

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925 Sterling Silver

Diameter: 1.1" / 2.7 cm

Comes with an exclusive blackened silver chain in your choice of length. 

This necklace, bursting with Kabbalistic concepts, is as beautiful as it is meaningful.  The front of the necklace features a large letter Heh, which stands for Hashem. Around the perimeter is engraved by hand the Hebrew Biblical verse Vera'u kol amei ha'aretz, ki shem Hashem nikra alecha, veyir'u mimcha (And all the nations of the Earth will see than G-d's name is called upon you, and they will be afraid of you. (Deuteronomy 28:10).

On the reverse of the pendant are three more verses of protection from Psalms 91: Lo te'uneh elecha ra'a, venega lo yikrav ba'ohalecha (No evil will befall you, and no plague will come close to your tent) (verse 10), Ki malachav yetzaveh lach lishmorcha bechol deracheicha (For He shall command His angels for you, to guard you on all your paths.) (verse 11), Orech yamim asbi'ehu, ve'ar'ehu bishu'ati (I will fill him with long life, and I will make him see My salvation) (verse 16).

All the words on this piece were engraved by hand.

Renowned for his uncompromising quality and attention to detail, Golan hand-crafts beautiful silver Kabbalah jewelry. He combines the wisdom and spirituality of Kabbalah with the ancient art of filigree and gleaming precious stones to create exquisite, timeless jewelry that you will wear over and over again!

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