Yair Emanuel Lights of Jerusalem Hanukkah Menorah

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Let your holiday glow with the light of Jerusalem with this wonderful Hanukkah menorah from Yair Emanuel:

  • Handpainted on metal, this menorah dispays a colorful view of Jerusalem and features part of the traditional song, "Hanerot Halalu."
  • An original creation by one of Israel's leading Judaica designers, Yair Emanuel.
  • Will make a special and meaningful gift for a loved one!

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Laser-Cut Metal, Handpainted

Height: 24 cm / 9.44"

Width: 30 cm / 11.8"

Depth: 6 cm / 2.36"

This menorah is suitable for use with standard Hanukkah candles. 

Enhance your Hanukkah candlelighting experience with this beautiful menorah! Crafted from laser cut metal, this menorah is handpainted with bright, cheerful colors. It is constructed from a flat, rectangular blue base that displays small, colorful holes for each of the candles. The design is vibrant and beautiful, and displays a view of the city of Jerusalem in all its glory. At the center of the menorah, there is a blue colored space that features a verse from a song sung on Hanukkah written in Hebrew, called "Hanerot Halalu." The lines read, "Hanerot halalu she'anu madlikin, al hanissim ve'al haniflaot, ve'al hamilchamot ve'al hateshuot," which translates to "We light these lights for the miracles and the wonders, for the redemption and the battles." It is taken from a traditional song that is sung right after saying the blessings on and lighting the Hanukkah candles. Meaningful and fun, this Hanukkah menorah will make for a fantastic gift!

Israel’s most popular artist Yair Emanuel studied at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, and now lives and works in Jerusalem. He creates stunning Judaica and art from a range of media, ranging from hand-painted silk and hand-sewn embroidery to brightly painted wood and muted metals. Emanuel’s work is characterized by the unique combination of traditional Jewish motifs and modern design and technique. His pieces are vibrantly colored and vividly bright, and are sure to add sparkle and style to any room!

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