Devorah's Song and the Battle of Kishon (Win / Mac)

Devorah's Song and the Battle of Kishon (Win / Mac)


Brand: Davka

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Introducing TanachQuest Adventure #2


Oppressed by the cruel Canaanites, the Jews turn to Devorah the Prophetess for her wise counsel. They miraculously defeat General Sisera and his legions - but can they capture Sisera before he has a chance to regroup?


Following in the tradition of "Ehud's Courage and the Cunning Blade", the first TanachQuest Adventure, "Devorah's Song and the Battle of Kishon" features a rich cast of Biblical characters, from Devorah and Barak to Sisera and Yael. Puzzles abound, but if you carefully read the Biblical story, you'll find a way to win. "Devorah's Song and the Battle of Kishon" is a challenging adventure filled with exquisite graphics, amazing animation, and endless enjoyment.


Game Highlights:

  • Use strategy and maps to plan your course of action
  • Superb full-screen graphics and animation
  • Challenging puzzles and clues
  • Explore the ancient world of Biblical Israel
  • Easy to use point and click interface

System Requirements:

PC with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista, 128MB RAM minimum, CD-ROM drive, sound card or
Macintosh with 128 MB RAM, CD-ROM Drive, System 9 or OS X