Gidi Gov. Laila Gov. 2 CD Set

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Gidi Gov's classic TV variety show, Laila Gov, produced innumerable unforgettable moments over the years.  Often, Gov himself would perform a song as a duet together with his musical guest.  In this collection Gidi Gov performs together with such well-known artists as Shlomo Artzi, Etti Ankri, Izhar Ashdot, Ehud Banai, Meir Banai, Dana Berger, Yehoram Gaon, Nurit Galron, Ofra Haza, Shem-Tov Levi, Dani Sanderson, Yehudit Ravitz, Shlomi Shabat.

Gidi Gov (born in 1951) is an influential Israeli singer, entertainer and movie and television actor. Gidi Gov started his career in entertainment as a singer in the Nachal military band. In 1973, he and a number of his friends from that same army band established the hugely successful Israeli rock band Kaveret. By the year 1979 he began to appear as a host and entertainer in the successful comedy show "Zehu-Ze!" (That's it!), something he continued until 1993. At the start of the eighties Gidi appeared a number of times in Israel's Children's Music Festival. With the opening of Israel's channel 2 Gidi became the host of his own show named "Laila Gov", which won great success and continued a number of years.

Number of CD(s) in package: 2

CD 1:

1. Al Kav Ha-Zinuk

2. Ruach Stav

3. Me Hu Ose La

4. Im Rak Tavoi Be-Hamesh

5. Yelda Ktana

6. Panim Lo Mul Panim

7. Kol Ha-Shavuah Lach

8. Adam Be-Toch Atzmo

9. Ha-Ahava Ha-Rishona

10. Lokeach Ta-Zman

11. Eden

12. Eich Kash

13. Ha-Yamim Ha-Arukim Ha-Atzuvim

14. Royim Rahok Royim Shakuf

15. Shir Shel Ahrei Milchama

16. Uf Gozal

CD 2:

1. Ahla Olam

2. Biglal Ha-Ruach

3. Shir Ahava

4. Ha-Ahava Sheli He Lo Ha-Ahava Shelo

5. Rolim

6. At Li Laila

7. Ma Echpat Le-Zipor

8. Ezli Ha-Kol Beseder

9. Leil Emesh

10. Kshe At Omeret Lo

11. Stam Yom Shel Hol

12. Zemer Ahava Le-Yam

13. Lo Dibarnu Od Al Ahava

14. Laila

15. Ba-Leilot Ha-Kaitz Ha-Hamim

16. Khula Ke-Halom

17. Masautav Shel Ha-Nasich Me-Edinburu

18. Epilogue

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