If you're looking for a fun and unique gift for yourself, a friend, or a loved one, look no further than our Cool Jewish Gifts category from the Land of Israel! Comprising the most creative, special, and funniest gifts and home décor from Israel's most talented designers, these cool Jewish-themed items will help express your Jewish pride and heritage in a new and fun way. They make excellent presents for a birthday, anniversary, housewarming, or simply as a nice surprise to put a smile on a friend's face.

To get your shopping started, we've selected our top 10 staff favorites below, spanning every style and budget!


1. Barbara Shaw "I am a Jewish Mother" Mug

This fun, ceramic coffee mug from Israeli contemporary designer Barbara Shaw is the perfect gift for any Jewish mom! Parodying the classic "Keep Calm and Carry On" slogan, it features a Star of David with the words "Don't Tell Me to Keep Calm, I am a Jewish Mother." Give your mom, grandma, aunt, or friend a laugh and a sense of Jewish pride in the form of a stylish, functional gift they'll treasure for years to come!


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2. Martin Holt Water Ski Jewish Humor Wall Clock

Add a fun piece of Jewish art and humor to your home décor with this wooden wall clock imprinted with Israeli artist Martin Holt’s colorful portrayal of a group of Hasidic men water skiing in the shape of a Star of David while a group of women cheer them on from a nearby boat. Both beautifully detailed and entertaining, it will show off your Jewish pride as well as your sense of humor and style!


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3. Hebrew Letters Classic Golden Watch

Wear your Jewish pride on your sleeve with this elegant watch from Adi Watches, the famous Israeli watchmakers known for their high-quality craftsmanship. The gold-plated analog watch is set on a comfortable leather band and elegantly displays the time using Hebrew letters in a classic script, along with a mechanical date display. Both stylish and functional, it’s even water-resistant up to 30 meters below the surface.


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4. Red Jerusalem Stone 10 Commandments Sculpture

Get a Biblical gift and an actual piece of the Land of Israel with this Ten Commandments tablets sculpture, made out of gorgeous red Jerusalem Stone quarried in the Judean hills. The statuette is shaped like the two tablets of the Biblical Ten Commandments and etched with golden Hebrew letters representing the commandments. It's available in a choice of sizes and comes with a stone back allowing it to stand with ease, so it can be beautifully displayed anywhere in the home or office.


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5. Handmade Dog Design Aluminum Mezuzah Case

Combine your love for man's canine best friend and your appreciation for contemporary art in a Jewish way with this fun, handmade dog-themed mezuzah case from Tel Aviv-based designer Ofek Wertman. Handcrafted from aluminum, it's decorated with an array of colorful dogs and features the Hebrew letter Shin, a traditional mezuzah adornment representing God's name. A stunning and unique addition to any home!


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6. Jerusalem: United We Stand T-Shirt

Show your support for Israel wherever you are, with this stylish and patriotic t-shirt! Dark blue and made from high quality cotton, it features the Israeli and American flags crossing over each other and surrounded by the words "Jerusalem: United We Stand." A perfect way to show off your pride in the unbreakable bond between Israel and the United States, any day of the year!


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7. David Gerstein "Good Tidings" Hamsa Sculpture

Adorn your home with a touch of contemporary Israeli art and layers of Jewish imagery with this magnificent, colorful sculpture from renowned Israeli artist David Gerstein. The piece is shaped like a Hamsa hand, a common Jewish good luck charm and symbol of Divine protection, and features the Hebrew words "Besorot Tovot" ("Good Tidings") along with an array of symbolic Jewish motifs: the Western Wall, Star of David, shabbat candlesticks, menorah, Ten Commandments tablets, dove, wine cup, a pomegranate, and more.


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 8. Barbara Shaw "Schlep" Tote Bag (Choice of Colors)

The Yiddish language has some of the most fun vocab that has made its way to general pop culture, such as the word schlep. Anyone who needs to carry their belongings around to work or school will appreciate this schlep” tote bag from Israeli artist Barbara Shaw - super comfortable, stylish, and available in white or black cotton canvas. It features the definition of the word schlep, combining a traditional font with a sleek design, and will be an eye-catching emblem of your Jewish culture!


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9. Silver-Plated Hamsa with English Home Blessing

Hamsa-shaped home blessings are an Israeli classic, combining two powerful Jewish themes: the ancient protective amulet of the Hamsa and the positivity of a traditional home blessing. This silver-plated version from Israeli artisan workshop Danon features a blessing for the home in English and is adorned with additional symbols of luck, prosperity, and love: keys, fish, pomegranates, hearts, and a horseshoe. Interspersed are gemstones in your choice of either blue or multicolored. Compact and stylish, this good luck charm will fit anywhere in your home!


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10. Priestly Blessing Hands Sculpture

This magnificent silver-plated and gold-accented sculpture features two hands outstretched in the traditional form of reciting the Priestly Blessing. The palms are decorated with the first two verses of the blessing itself (from the Book of Numbers 6:24-26), while the bottom is adorned with a depiction of the Holy City of Jerusalem. Connect with powerful Biblical tradition and the legacy of Jerusalem with this unique and meaningful work of art sent straight from Israel!


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