Unique Gifts from Israel Giving a cool Jewish gift does not need to be a difficult task, whether you're looking for a little tchotchke- bauble- or something impressive, there is always a unique Jewish gift that is not like the rest. Books and Judaica might make a serious gift, but for something light and cute, here are some meaningful items that would be special for any occasion. A birthday, anniversary or something small to say a job well done, this list includes some of the different things that would make for a great gift and put a smile on anyone's face.


KeychainsKeychains might be a little underrated, but they are the best as they are an easy way to tell the difference between your keys and everyone else's, or make it personal with a Hebrew letter keychain. There are cute little souvenir type keychains that say "I love Israel" and cute little teddy bears that will brighten up your day and then there are keychains that are truely a piece of art. The Israel Museum has turned precious amulets and decorations from Jewish history into keychains and there are also Danon's keychains that really are spectacular, like this Israel map one and this bottle opener that will always have your back for when you want a drink on the beach.

❤︎ We love this Hamsa from the Israel Museum and this Book of Psalms soldier keychain.

Adi Watches

Adi WatchesAn Adi Watch is always a handy gift. Made in central southern Israel on Kibbutz Yavne, these watches are one of Israel's favorite Israeli product. Aside for regular watches like this Roman numerals one, there are watches that pay homage to Israel, different units of the IDF like Golani, and Judaism as with this Shema Yisrael watch. Adi Watches show true craftsmanship with their incredible styles for men and women and anyone would be lucky to have one, especially one of their signature watches which have Hebrew letters instead of numbers.

❤︎ We love this Hebrew letters watch and this IDF diving watch.

Name Jewelry

Name JewelryName jewelry has been trendy these past few years, and if you love what is "in" but want to stand out, then our selection of Hebrew name jewelry is just for you. There is a piece of name jewelry that is perfect for everyone, even moms, and finding you the perfect piece is easy. First you choose between Hebrew and English, which both have classic styles like this one in Hebrew and this Hamsa charm English necklace. Then you can choose from stunning rings and bracelets, even earrings!

❤︎ We love this Hebrew - English necklace and this Torah font necklace.


SculpturesIf you want to give a big gift, art is something to consider, more specifically a sculpture made by one of Israel's top artists! David Gerstein, Yair EmanuelOlive Wood Factory and Dorit Judaica are just a few of the big names you will see here. Sculptures range from those with Jewish and Israeli themes to those that are simply beautiful and fun. An excellent way to brighten up any room in the house or put in an office, you will always receive a compliment with any sculpture you choose.

❤︎ We love this Hamsa with butterflies and this rainbow Dove of Peace.

Yiddish Gifts

Yiddish Gifts Anyone who loves Jewish jokes or has an appreciation for Yiddishkeit would love a Yiddish gift! You are bound to giggle a little at some of these things, or you might just really agree with them. Bags, mugs with Yiddish words like Mensch, aprons for the Balabusta, and coasters are just a few of the things you'll find here along with clocks, shirts and more. Each one has a Yiddish word or saying that will make you think. Really one of the better gifts to give, these Yiddish gifts will not disappoint!

❤︎ We love this schlep bag and this graffiti trivet.


ApronsFor the baker or chef in your life, these great aprons make a thought-out gift. While some come with a fun patters or print, others come with designs, funny sayings, and even tried and true recipes, like with this challah one! Men and women, moms and dads, boys and girls alike would appreciate a gift like this if their passion is food related. Some of these are very relatable and will have the the gift receiver laughing away at whichever one you got for them. Even if they just love Israel and not so much cooking, having a beloved apron is always important.

❤︎ We love this Jewish mother apron and this Abba Sabbabah apron.