Matti Caspi. Cherished Dreams (Halomot Shmurim). Collection (1995)

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Musician, songwriter, composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist Matti Caspi is one of the most instantly recognizable names in Israeli music, and one of the most loved.  Often playing all the instruments on his albums as well as singing ad writing the music, he has given us some of the most cherished songs in recent memory.

This great collections gives you 21 of the very best of those songs convering the first two decades of his work.

1.   Bapsanter

2.   Od Yom

3.   Mishehu

4.   Mi Ra'a Et Ha Bunny Shelanu

5.   Mi Amat Lach Seani Malach

6.   Shuvi Hashulamit

7.   Nahalieli

8.   Lakahat Ey Yadi Beyadech

9.   Blues Holeh Ha'ahava

10. Sdeh Hateufa

11. Zugot Zugot

12. Ulai Ahava

13. Veotach

14. Hi Hazra Biteshuva

15. Yaldut Hashniya

16. Baleilot Ha'ir

17. Ben

18. Stirat Lehi

19. Sha'ar Harahamim

20. Halomot Shmurim

21. Sliha

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