Mountain Jews - Customs and Daily Life in the Caucasus (Softcover)

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Witness Jewish history with this beautiful, historical depiction of the Mountain Jews in Israel:

  • Depicts the experience of Juhur, Mountain Jews, in the Caucasus range in the early 19th century. 
  • Softcover book with 160 pages by Liya Mikdash-Shamailov.
  • Wonderful gift to have on your coffee table, for someone who loves Jewish history!

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Softcover, 160 pgs.

Size: 8.2" X 10.8"

Language: English

According to tradition Caucasian Jews descended from the Ten Tribes exiled from the Kingdom of Israel in the first millennium BCE, making them one of the oldest communities of Jewish people anywhere. This population preserved its Jewish identity and developed a culture of its own in a region inhabited by a host of different peoples and plagued by ethnic tensions. The term "Mountain Jews" (they call themselves "Juhur") dates back to Imperial Russia's occupation of the Caucasus in the early 19th century, when the tsar's visiting representative referred to "Mountain Jews" living mainly in the east and north of the Caucasus range, in what are today the largely Muslim areas of Dagestan and Azerbaijan. After their emigration to Israel, Caucasian Jews continued to resist integration, sharing in Israel's upbuilding without losing touch with their roots in and ties to the Caucasus. Along with her fellow essayists, Liya Mikdash-Shamailov, a Jew of Caucasian origin, successfully blends her scientific interest in the community with her own special affinity with its culture.

The fruit of many years of field work and extensive research, "Mountain Jews" presents, in words and pictures of this people and its practices, the history, spiritual life, language and literature, daily life, material culture and decorative arts which together define the rich and extraordinary cultural heritage of Caucasian "Mountain" Jews.

Edited by Liya Mikdash-Shamailov

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 2002

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem is among the world's most highly rated encyclopedic museums. It holds the biggest collection of ancient Israel and Bible Lands antiquities on the planet, and is home to groundbreaking archaeological discoveries such as the Dead Sea Scrolls. The museum creates replicas and adaptations of Jewish and Israeli artifacts from around the world; these rare pieces make wonderful gifts.

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