Quami & the Halvot. Milhemet Pop (Pop War) (2007)

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Israel's hottest and funniest new hip hop act is back with their second album, two years after their blockbuster debut.  This album, full of variety, and full of quality songs, is sure to get worn out from being played on your stereo too much.  Better buy two!

1.   Kaha Ze Mat'hil

2.   Ze Lo Kal

3.   Shfui Milhama

4.   Milhemet Pop

5.   Mada Bidyoni

6.   Dikaon

7.   Ha'ish Hakatan Meharadio

8.   At Lo Shama

9.   Celeb Lo Yorek

10. Hasipur Nigmar

11. Lesbiot Sholtot Baolam Sheli

12. Hofshi Hofshi

13. Sivuv Sheini

14. Raenu Tzadikim

15. Me'aben Et Hakatzeh

16. Nolad Lamut

17. Times Square

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