Silver Kabbalah Dogtags Necklace - Evil Eye and Traveler's Psalm - Psalm 121

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Combine your love of spirituality and jewelry with this stunning sterling silver blessing necklace:

  • Reveals the fifth letter in the Hebrew alphabet, Hey, etched out in dog tag pendant style.
  • Contains the famous quote from Psalm 121 which translates as,”He will guard you from all evil, He will guard your soul. Hashem will guard your going and coming from now until forever".
  • Incredibly unique gift for someone special that accentuates any outfit!

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925 Sterling Silver

Size of pendant: 0.5" X 1" / 1.2 X 2.5 cm

A beautiful piece of jewelry with a kabbalistic flavor, this will be a treasured gift for a lifetime.  The top dogtag has the Hebrew letter Heh in Biblical script, said to protect from the evil eye.

The bottom dogtag has two verses from the 121st Psalm, Yishmorcha mikol ra, yismor et nafshecha.  Hashem yishmor tzeitcha uvoeicha me'ata ve'ad olam ("He will guard you from all evil, he will guard your soul.  Hashem will guard your going and coming from now until forever").  The holy names are not spelled out, to avoid any desecration.

Comes with sterling silver chain in your choice of length.

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