Songs of Israel. DVD (NTSC / PAL)

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The sights and sound of the Holy Land burst forth from the screen in this musical celebration of Israel's diversity. Sing along to the favorite songs of Israel as the camera whisks you from one breathtaking landscape to another, into the cities and villages of her many peoples, through the miracles of her past and wonders of her present. The words of every song appear in English letters on the screen as they're sung. So go ahead... Lift up your voices!

1. Hava Nagila

2. David Melech Yisrael

3. Halleluya

4. Yerushalayim Shel Zahav

5. Shalom Chaverim

6. Ose Shalom

7. Tzena Tzene

8. Zemer Lach

9. Yismachu Hashamayim

10. Hevenu Shalom

11. Hen Efshar

12. Sisu at Yerushalayim

13. Chofim

14. Mi Yivne Bayit

15. Mi Haish

16. Shir Sameach

17. Hora Scharchoret

18. Yatzanu At

19. Ein Gedi

20. Od Avinu Chai

21. Beshadmot Bet-Lechem

22. Shuv Yotze Hazemer

23. Nitzanim Niru Baaretz

24. Lean Noshevet Haruach

25. Pam Param Pam Pam

26. Ki Avad Asher Avar

27. Emek Sheli

28. Kalinka

29. Dugit Nosaat

30. Boey Ruach

31. Tsivonim

32. Livlevu Agas Vegam Tapuach

33. Ruach Mevaderet

Performers: Gevatron, Michal Tal, Effi Nezer, Ilanit

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