Synergia. Hishtakfut (2008)

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This is Synergia's third album, coming on the heels of their 2005 debut and their huge smash 2006 follow-up.  That album made them the top rock band in Israel, and their new album continues the path they have staked out for themselves, and for Israeli rock in general: dramatic lyrics, polished production, and a great catchy sound.

1. Holech VeNeelam

2. Matai At Hozeret

3. Taamin

4. Tov Li Levad

5. Boer

6. Lekabel VeLishtok

7. Lo Hespakti Lomar

8. Nichna

9. Moshech Otach

10. HaKrav HaAharon

11. Ruchot MeHaAvar

12. LeHashlim

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