Uzi Hitman. Achshav Hator Leahava (Now It's Love's Turn) 2CD Set (2005)

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Number of CD(s) in package: 2

When Uzi Hitman died suddenly in 2004, Israel lost one of its finest singers and songwriters.  Over the decades, in addition to performing his own material, Uzi also wrote numerous songs for many of Israel's top performers.

This double album, released posthumously, contains new material recorded shortly before Hitman's death, as well as rare and hard-to-find material from years past.

CD 1:

1.   Achshav Hator Leahava

2.   Ahuvati

3.   Ha'avanim Bedabrot

4.   Yamim Shel Teshuva

5.   Ze Ba Mimech

6.   Osher

7.   Sheket Acharei Hasa'ara

8.   Shmu'a

9.   Beahava Uvemila Tova

10. Kesef Ba Vekesef Holech

11. Al Techabi Oti

CD 2:

1.   Leyad Me Shehaya Habayit Shelach

2.   Yesh Li

3.   Im Hagav El Hakir

4.   Ze Lo Holech

5.   Kol Yom Ani Omer Toda Le'elohim

6.   Baderech Elayich

7.   Ad Neshimati Ha'achrona

8.   Kama Demaot

9.   Zug Mishamayim

10. Laetzach, Beni

11. Osher (Remix)

12. Lechol Echad Yesh

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