Wissotzky Green Tea - Earl Grey

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Green Tea - Earl Grey is a unique blend that combines the delicate and refreshing qualities of green tea with the aroma of bergamot.

  • This blend offers a modern twist on the classic Earl Grey, appealing to those who enjoy the lighter profile of green tea.
  • This tea blend includes high-quality green tea infused with natural bergamot oil.
  • The combination creates a harmonious blend of refreshing green tea and fragrant citrus notes.
  • To enjoy Wissotzky Green Tea - Earl Grey, you can also mix with other herbal infusions like chamomile or peppermint to create your unique blend.
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    Kosher Parve. Badatz Mehadrin.

    25 Hermetically Sealed Tea Bags. Nt. Wt. 37.5 gr. 1.5 gr. each.


    This unique and delicious tea takes natural Oil of Bergamot, traditionally used to turn regular black tea into Earl Grey, and instead adds it to genuine Chinese green tea!  The result is a harmonious and soothing blend of rich and subtle flavors and aromas that you will wish to savor time and again!

    Believed to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease because of its high amount of antioxidants, green tea has for thousands of years been an intergral part in the healthy lifestyle of people throughout the Far East.

    Ingredients: Chinese green tea, lemongrass, natural lemon and bergamot flavors.

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