14K Yellow Gold 10 Commandments Pendant with White Gold Hebrew Letters

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Dress your truth with this captivating 14K gold 10 commandments pendant necklace:

  • Contains a yellow gold base of tablets, with white gold elevated Hebrew letters on top.
  • Each letter represents a different commandment, with the letter Aleph in the top right corner corresponding to commandment number one. (Exodus 20:2-14)
  • Crafted in the Land of Israel, connecting your special someone to meaning and beauty alike!

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14K Yellow and White Gold

Size (not including bail): 2.1 cm x 2.1 cm / 0.8" x 0.8"

This pendant is available with a gold chain for an additional cost.

This unique pendant is an extraordinary way to wear your faith close to your heart, as it combines stunning craftsmanship with ancient symbolism. The textured tablets feature a curved and indented shape with a deep groove along the center, and each side is decorated with gleaming white gold Hebrew letters (which represent the 10 Commandments). Striking and stunning, it will make a wonderful gift to yourself or someone you love.

The ten commandments are: (Exodus 20:2-14)

1 Aleph: I am Hashem your G-d who took you out of Egypt; 2 Bet: Do not worship other gods; 3 Gimel: Do not take Hashem's name in vain; 4 Daled: Remember the Shabbat day, to sanctify it; 5 Hey: Honor your father and mother; 6 Vav :  You shall not murder; 7 Zayin: You shall not commit adultery; 8 Chet: You shall not steal; 9 Tet: You shall not bear false witness; and 10 Yud: You shall not covet your neighbor's house. A gift unlike the rest that contains values and jewelry combined!

Ben Jewelry is a world-famous Israeli jeweler renowned for combining the ancient art of filigree with sleek, modern design and beautiful precious stones. Descended from jewelers to Yemen’s royal court, Ben is one of Israel’s most prestigious luxury jewelry designers.

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